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During my lecture to faculties of engg Institutes affiliated to RGPV bhopal, i asked this question myself and searced on web. No correct answer was found. Then I gave a deep thougt to it and my thoughts are as follows: Graphs are schematic models in the language of Operations Research. Other two conceptual level models are Iconic/ physicsl and symbolic/ mathematical. Schematic diagram/ model represent some quntity of interest proportional to other visible quantities like legth (bar graphs) or area (pie digrams). Graphs are most widely used in engg and management and it is said that a graph / image is equivelent of several pages of description. Thus a graph normally represnt relation or comparison between two or more independent and dependent variables. Drawings, on the contrary, provide methood and rules to represent one, two or three dimensional objects.

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We are using sketching in engineering for, basicly show the very simple version of the idea of the job. Sometimes it gets hard to tell what's going on to another colleague or someone else. In these situations you sketch quickly ,to a paper, the system or whatever you working on and express your mind very simple way. But in drawing you are working on the project and it will be the finalization of it. After you draw the project, it will be applied to the field or there will be some tests to be made.

To sum up, in sketching it is not important that your drawings be precise and certain. But in drawing your project should be precise.

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Q: What is the difference between sketching and drawing in engineering?
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