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What is the difference between soccer and American football?

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== == Football was invented in 1863 in England. The football association was created to organize football in England and other countries were encouraged to have their own football associations.

There are other versions of football, but only one football. Other countries have tried to change footballs name to soccer because they struggle at football and have developed an inferiority complex.

This seems to have had little impact and the Olympics and FIFA only accept football, no other versions of football are accepted by official sports organizations.

There are virtually no similarities between soccer and American-style Rugby.

Football demands skill and technique and you have to be in shape to play football. Gridiron on the other hand requires virtually no skill and no creativity. It is full of guys on steroids who are not even in shape. The Olympics do not regard gridiron as a sport as the skill levels and fitness levels are just too low.
The American football is different, the ball is different. But soccer and football are same.

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What is the difference between American football and international football?

American football is thrown, international football is played like soccer

What is the difference between Spanish soccer and American football?

spansh is more fast paced

What is the difference between a football shoe and a soccer shoe?

The difference is the weight. Soccer shoes are way lighter than football shoes.

What is the difference between the words soccer and football?

It the same but the Australian says soccer and the English way is Football

What is the difference between football and soccer cleats?

No toe cleat on the soccer boot

What is the difference between soccer and netball?

soccer is football and netball is netball

What are the differences between the rules in American football and soccer?

They are two different games........................I wouldn't say they had similarities. The difference is that one is football & the other is played in America..............

Is football American or is soccer American?

football is american

What is difference between football and soccer socks?

You see soccer and football are the same thing, so the socks will be the same thing for both.

What sport is better American football or American soccer?

American soccer aka Associative Football

Soccer vs football?


Goal post what is wider between soccer and American football?

Soccer goal posts are 8 yards apart. Someone else care to document distance between American football posts?

What is the difference between umpire and referee for all games?

a umpire is in baseball and a referee is in other sports such as football (american), Soccer, volleyball etc..,

What is the difference between latin America football and American football?

A whole lot of skill!ANSWERIf by "Latin American football" you mean soccer or association football, there are almost no similarities between the two games. In soccer, you kick the ball down the field in an attempt to score a goal into the opponent's net. In American football, you run and pass the ball down the field in an attempt to score a touchdown in the opponent's end zone. Soccer doesn't allow use of the hands and prohibits contact; American football emphasizes ball handling and is a full-contact sport.

What is a better game soccer of football?

soccer is American for football

The roots of American Football come from soccer and what other sport?

Soccer --> Rugby --> American Football

How is soccer different than football?

It is the same game you see.There is no difference in any way shape or form. the only difference is in the name, soccer being the American name and football being the English name

What sport is gridiron in American?

American football. Not soccer(football)

What is the difference between FIFA 10 and FIFA soccer 10 ps3 game?

There is no difference but the Americans think that football is called soccer so FIFA have to put soccer in the title

How many soccer players in a football team?

There are 11 soccer players in a football (English name for 'soccer') team. However, there are 0 soccer players in an American football team, unless they play soccer as well as American football!

When wikianswers come up with football in an american question do they mean football or soccer?

Americans call soccer soccer, and football football!

What kind of shoes does a American football player wear?

cleatsa football player wears a cleat, but not a soccer cleat. There is a differencefootball trainers when playing football!

Why do they cal American football football?


Which game is also called soccer?

Association Football the difference being that North American football has very little to do with feet, so why it is called soccer is a mystery, every where else in the world it is called "football"

What was first soccer or football?

there bothe the same. soccer is American and football English.

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