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What is the difference between soccer and American football?



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== == Football was invented in 1863 in England. The football association was created to organize football in England and other countries were encouraged to have their own football associations.

There are other versions of football, but only one football. Other countries have tried to change footballs name to soccer because they struggle at football and have developed an inferiority complex.

This seems to have had little impact and the Olympics and FIFA only accept football, no other versions of football are accepted by official sports organizations.

There are virtually no similarities between soccer and American-style rugby.

Football demands skill and technique and you have to be in shape to play football. Gridiron on the other hand requires virtually no skill and no creativity. It is full of guys on steroids who are not even in shape. The Olympics do not regard gridiron as a sport as the skill levels and fitness levels are just too low.
The American football is different, the ball is different. But soccer and football are same.