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What is the difference between spring and auto airsoft guns?


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Well, spring airsoft guns use an internal spring to fire the ammo and by auto you could be referring to either Auto Electric Guns (AEG's) which are quite popular and my personal favorite. AEG's use a rechargeable battery to operate a motor which fires the ammo that way.

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yes. u can mod the springer and replace the internals with electric parts or whatever. but u can buy one too: Tokyo Marui Gindan Glock 26 (G26) Semi Auto Spring Airsoft

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The 'M4 3181 AEG FPS-300 Electric Airsoft Rifle, M203 Spring Grenade Launcher' is a HOT airsoft rifle. Not only does it offer a high power electric machine gun that shoots full or semi auto, it also has a grenade launcher. It is priced around $90, not bad for a rifle and grenade launcher.

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