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Nylon is classical. Softer on fingers. Usually on a smaller bodied guitar with a wider neck. Steel strings are on the usual, common guitar. Strings are thinner.

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What kind of string does the classical guitar use?


What kind of string does a classical guitar use?


What kind of string does classical guitar use?


What is the difference between nylon and steel strings on a acoustic guitar?

Nylon strings are lower tension in comparison to steel strings and have a warmer tone than steel string, thus making steel strings higher tension than nylon with a brighter tone than nylon strings.

What is a guitar string made of?

Animal gut, nylon, or metal.

What kind of string does a classic guitar use?

Nylon strings

What king of string does the classical guitar use?

nylon mostly

What kind of string do classic guitar use?

Nylon strings.

Can you put nylon strings on a steel string guitar?

Yes. Steel string guitars are designed to withstand a great deal of tension created by the strings and nylon strings have far less tension. Just don't put steel strings on a nylon string guitar.

Acoustic guitar classical guitar?

The term acoustic guitar in general do not refer to classical guitar. A typical guitar has narrower neck and steel string, classical guitar has wider neck and nylon string SongScouting: Guitars are either acoustic or electric. A classical (sometimes called "folk") guitar is a type of acoustic guitar with a wider neck (for easier fingering with the right hand). An acoustic guitar can come nylon or steel strung. Note: never string a nylon guitar with steel strings or you may snap the neck.

Is nylon string on a guitar easier to break?

yes. But it is easier on your fingers

Are acoustic guitars the same as classical guitars?

When we say classical guitar, it usually means guitar with three steel string and three nylon string. Acoustic guitar has six steel string.

What is the difference between an acoustic guitar and a classical guitar?

An acoustic guitar has bronze wound steel strings, a classical guitar has nylon strings. also the classical guitar has a wider neck. A standard acoustic guitar has a slimmer neck. nylon strings are more crisp sounding, steel strings have a twang when played. SongScouting: A classical guitar is a type of acoustic guitar. A guitar is acoustic or electric. An acoustic guitar may be nylon strung or steel strung. A 12 String Guitar is also an acoustic guitar as it is not electric (unless you install pickups). A classical guitar does, indeed, have a wider neck.

Could you get a nylon acoustic guitar re-stringed so it could be a normal acoustic instead of nylon?

I would not advise this because most classical, or nylon string guitars do not have the steel reinforcing rod in the neck of the guitar that the steel string guitars have.

Can you replace a steel string guitar with nylon strings?

Yes, you can, but not on an electric guitar. It might not be recommended, but it definitely can be done.

What is the difference between nylon and Dacron rope?

The difference between nylon and dacron rope is that nylon stretch but dacron dose not!

Can you put nylon strings on steel string guitar?

Yes. It won't be very loud.

Why are the d strings on a nylon guitar always the first to die?

perhaps because it is the thinnest string made of nylon fiber. The low E and the A being thicker are stronger than the D and the G, B, and high e being made of solid nylon rather than nylon fiber are also most likely stronger than the d on a nylon string guitar.

Whats the difference between an acoustic guitar and a classical acoustic guitar?

an acoustic guitar usually has steel strings and a classical acoustic has nylon classical strings... two different sounds...

Can you use a normal guitar string with an electric guitar?

By normal I assume you mean a string made of Nylon. (looks like any other plastic) There are two general types of string - Nylon and Steel (which are usually not made of actual steel) Electric guitars usually use steel strings, and acoustic guitars use both nylon and steel. (although not at the same time - the metal-like strings on a nylon stringed guitar are wire wrapped nylon thread) As for using 'normal' Nylon strings on an electric guitar, I would not advise it. The steel strings used on guitars have a much higher tension than that of a nylon string. Electric guitars and Acoustic guitars with steel strings have a steel bar in their neck to stop them bending under the tension of the steel strings. Putting a low tension Nylon string on an electric guitar would not damage the guitar at all, but it would probably snap the string after a short time of playing, if not immediatly. You could give it a try though. Also, you would not hear any sound come through an amplifier unless you put a metal coating on the Nylon, as the pickups in an electric guitar only channel a sound signal when something magnetic passes over them.

How much does a nylon string classical guitar usually cost?

Depends on the make, from 100 to 1000 dollars.

What are theTypes of strings on an Acoustic guitar?

steel string, you can get ones made of copper or nylon if its a classical acoustic

What is nylon string made of?


What is the average price for a full size nylon string standard acoustic guitar?

Average price would be about $300

What are the notes of the strings of the classical guitar?

There are six or more strings on a classical guitar. The classical guitar is arranged with half nylon and half steel string that go in order from thickest to thinnest like this:6. E (Steel)5. A (Steel)4. D (Steel)3. G (Nylon)2. B (Nylon)1. e (Nylon)A classical guitar is sometimes smaller than an acoustic but is always identified by the half nylon half steel strings.

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