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at is the difference between natural products and pharmacognosy

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Q: What is the difference between study of natural products and pharmacognosy?
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What is the definition of pharmacognosy?

Pharmacognosy is the study of natural medicines.

What are the Scope and practice of pharmacognosy?

Pharmacognosy deals with chemistry, biochemistry, isolation, structure determination and bioavaibility and pharmacological aspects of natural sources, natural products and natural compounds. In analytical Pharmacognosy, the microscopical features, anatomical and morphological caharcateristics of herbal drugs preparaed from pedicianl plants are studied, in addition natural chemical pure compounds are isolatede and the chemical formulae are determined, and the biologically active compounds are searched for their pharmacological and biochemical properties.

What mean reverse pharmacognosy?

Reverse pharmacognosy aims at finding biological targets for natural compounds by virtual or real screening and identifying natural resources that contain the active molecules.

What is the difference of synthetic and natural products?

Synthetic products are man made. Natural products can be found in nature.

What has the author Ara Harold Der Marderosian written?

Ara Harold Der Marderosian has written: 'Natural product medicine' -- subject(s): Alternative medicine, Cosmetics, Food, Medicinal plants, Natural products, Pharmacognosy

What is the difference between between fossil fuels and energy resources?

imnot 100% sure, but i think fossil fuels are from man made products and energy resources are natural products

What is the difference between a bio-polymer and a synthetic polymer?

A biopolymer exist only in natural products; a synthetic polymer is manmade.

Is there a connection between natural resources and the products it makes in Egypt?

is there a connection between natural resources and the products made in egypt

Discuss the difference between economics and natural science?

i want to know the difference between economics and natural sciences

What is the difference between the natural satellite and earth?

A natural satelite

What makes chemical different fron natural products?

Any significative difference exist between natural chemicals and man made chemicals; frequently by natural chemicals we understand chemical from all living beings.

What is the difference between natural and synthetic esters?

The difference between natural and synthetic esters is nothing. There are no differences. Jk's i dont know :)

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