What is the difference between the King James Bible and the NIV Bible?

In its day, the King James Bible was regarded as one of the best translations of the Bible into any language. However, the language of the Bible still remains that common language of 1604, the time when it was commissioned. It was translated from the Latin Vulgate Bible - itself a translation from the original Greek and Hebrew - by a team of scholars rather than by an individual, so that bias or inadvertent prejudice could not easily happen.

However, the English language has moved on, and nowadays, though the KJV is still popular, it has become far more difficult to understand properly, and a faithful rendition of the original Greek or Hebrew is much more difficult to discern, as often English words used then mean something completely different today.

The New International Version, however, is a modern translation that was started in 1965, using modern English, by a team of over 100 scholars of various denominations. Rather than use the Latin Vulgate as a starting point, it went back to the original Hebrew and Greek, and also other sources unavailable to the translators of the KJV (like the Dead Sea Scrolls) to provide an accurate translation of the original documents using modern English. The translators have differed from the KJV translators in that they regard revision of the Bible, to meet current modern English useage as important. Thus, this year (2011) a revised NIV has been produced that continues to provide the best possible blend of faithfulness to the original documents and comprehension of the original meaning in every verse. This is in great contrast with the KJV which has remained unchanged (except for the one revision known as the 'New KJV' ) since its completion in the 17th century.



it is just worded different. I say that NIV. is better ( for me) because its an easyier read. i like it :) also try NCV