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In the general case, a sensor is the complete assembly required to detect and communicate a particular event, while a transducer is the element within that assembly which accomplishes only the detection of the event. At the risk of getting too abstract, a transducer converts an input to an output that can be exploited to accomplish the sensing mission.

For example, a pressure sensor may use a diaphragm and/or strain gage to "detect" pressure differential across the diaphragm, but he complete sensor will additionally consist of a display element and the electronics required to energize and condition the output of the detecting transducer, as well as the elements required to house and drive the display feature.

A compass is a simple sensor of magnetic north, wherein the magnetic element in the compass is the transducer or "north detector" and the needle, housing and compass face comprise the remainder of the "north sensor".

In special cases, a sensor and a transducer can be the same. For example, a bi-metallic spring element can both detect temperature change, and may well be the entire sensor if a pointer is attached to the bi-metalic spring.

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Q: What is the difference between the sensor and the transducer?
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Is there a difference between a photo transducer a photo sensor and a photo electric transducer if there is one what is it?

No There is not much a difference you can draw between a Sensor & a transducer, as both does the same thing of measuring an energy in form & converting it to other form. But a transducer will make an additional effort to convert the energy into measurable electrical form & then then transmitting!!!! Pls coment

Diff between transducer and sensor?

A: a transducer will transmit as a source the output. A sensor is a monitoring device.

Difference between sensors and transducers?

SensorTransducerA sensor detects physical characteristics for signal processingA transducer converts energy from one form to another.a sensor can only convert it in one directionA transducer converts energy in two directionsSensors tend to be more sensitiveLess sensitive

Sensor can be a transducer but transducer cannot be a sensor Is it right or wrong?

It is wrong.

What is the difference of ntc sensor and lm35?

NTC is negative temp coefficient transducer,working with resistor while lm 35 is an IC type transducer

What is the difference between sensor and smart sensor?

what is difference between the sensor and the smart sensor

Is a sensor an input and output device?

A sensor is an input transducer.An output device is also a transducer, but it is not a sensor; it affects the local environment.

What is use of transducer?

Transducer is commonly implies the use of a sensor or detector. This is used world wide. The purpose for the use of transducer is sensor and detector. This is a device that converts energy.

Is thermocouple a sensor or a transducer?

Transducer since it transform heat into electrical voltage

What is the another name for a sensor?


What is the difference between sensors and transducers?

According to the instrument society of America-- " A Sensor or Transducer is a device which provides a usable output in response yo a specified measurand" Here the o/p is defined as an electrical quantity and measurand is a physical quantity .but there is a small difference between them.... Sensor is an element that senses a variation in input energy to produce a variation in another same form of energy. Whereas , transducer usage transduction principle to convert a specified measurand into usable output. ex.... A properly cut Piezoelectric crystal can be called a sensor and it becomes a transducer with appropriate electrodes and input/output mechanism attached to it.

What is the difference between 9 crystal transducer and 7 crystal transducer?

9 crystal transducers provides a wider beam and greater signal integrity

Where is the switch that turns on radiator fans on 1995 Chrysler new yorker?

The engine computer uses the coolant temperature sensor and the air conditioning pressure transducer to decide when to operate the radiator fan. The coolant temperature sensor is located near the thermostat housing on top of the engine. The ac transducer is on the line between the compressor and condenser.The engine computer uses the coolant temperature sensor and the air conditioning pressure transducer to decide when to operate the radiator fan. The coolant temperature sensor is located near the thermostat housing on top of the engine. The ac transducer is on the line between the compressor and condenser.

What is the difference between a sensor and a transducer?

A sensor is a device that responds to a physical stimulus (as heat, light, sound, pressure, magnetism, or a particular motion) and transmits a resulting impulse (a signal relating to the quantity being measured). For example, certain sensors convert temperature into a change in resistance. A transducer is a device that is actuated by power from one system and supplies power usually in another form to a second system. For example a loudspeaker is a transducer that transforms electrical signals into sound energy. Sensor can be considered as a transducer that converts a particular form of energy (light,heat,ultrasound etc.) to electricity!

Difference between analog digital transduser?

please help me to understand the word transducer

What is the difference between magnetic pick up and proximity sensor?

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What is a delta pressure sensor?

It is a slang tern given to a Differential Pressure Sensor or Transducer.

What is the difference between transducer and actuator?

An transducer converts one form of energy into another. eg. door bell(electrical energy - sound energy) An actuator transforms electrical energy into mechanical energy. eg. motor An actuator is essentially a transducer but a transducer need not be an actuator.

What mean by transducer and sensor?

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Where is the transmission temperature sensor on 46 re 96 dodge Cummings diesel?

The temp sensor is in the transducer inside the transmission on the vavle body. The transducer is usually gold and has a 4 wire oval connector. the temp sensor is built into it

What is difference between transducer and transmitter?

today the general rule of thumb is that if the pressure sensor has a millivolt (e.g. 30mV or 100mV) or non-amplified output it is a pressure transducer. If the pressure sensor has a voltage (e.g. 0-5Vdc, 0-10Vdc or 1-5Vdc) output it is an amplified voltage output pressure transducer. If a pressure sensor has a current loop output (e.g. 2 wire 4-20mA or 3 wire 0/4-20mA) it is a pressure transmitter. Simply we can tell as Transducer: Any physical Quantity is converted into Electrical Signal. Transmitter: to make the amplified RF electrical signal to radiation with help of Electric and maganetic signal.

What are the difference between sensor and metal detector?

metal detector is sensor

What is the Difference between a sensor and an actuator?

the main difference is that a sensor is a input device and an actuator is output device

How the sensor is working?

it is a transducer which gather data and convert it to voltage equivalents

How microphone convert the voicesignal into electrical signal?

Microphone is an acoustic-to-electric transducer or sensor that converts sound into an electrical signal. Example: piezo electric transducer.