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Theravada Buddhism focuses on the individual; Mahayana Buddhism focuses on society as a whole.


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Both branches agree on the basic teachings. However, Mahayana Buddhism believes that the Buddha had an additional set of teachings.

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There is no similarity between Buddhism and Hinduism though both of them are originated from India. Main difference is Hinduism believes in existence of God while Buddhism dont.

It is the modern branch which is the nearest to the original. Buddhism has at least two main branches, Theravada which started in 6th century BCE and Mahayana, 3rd century BCE.

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there are a several main branches of the buddhasasana (the buddha way) in the world today....we have Nichiren Buddhism ...based on the teachings of nichiren. Then there is Ch'an or Zen Buddhism, which is the result of the melding of Indian mahayan Buddhism with the native Chinese taoism. And Shingon, which is an esoteric Buddhism....

the main princibles of Buddhism was Buddha.

The main difference is that Catholics (and Christians in general) have a Holy Book called the Bible which was deity-given. Buddhism has no deity, so no deity given book, in fact no holy anything. Buddhists have number of writings which record meetings between the Buddha and his initial followers which are revered, but they are not "Holy."

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There are two main branches of Buddhism, the Theravada and the Mahayana.The Mahayana can be further divided into sub-branches. The four primary sub-branches of Mahayana Buddhism are:Ch'an/ZenVajrayana (also known as Tibetan Buddhism)Pure LandNichirenIn many Mahayana temples there is combining of some of these four, especially Zen and Pure Land. There are probably more temples in the world that combine Zen and Pure Land than there are temples that are pure Zen or pure Pure Land.

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Buddhism originated from Hinduism. So They have many similarities, Main is to attain Nirvana or Moksha via meditation.

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