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In a thriller the main focus is suspense and tension whereas a Horror film is trying to elicit fear, disgust and horror from its audience.

Thrillers are based on potential real-life (or sometimes actual) events and monsters: Hostage situations, Home Invasion/Rape, Plane Crashes, Bank Robberies, Car Chases, Stalkers, and many more scenarios. They can be scary and keep you at the edge of your seat, but have a potential real life theme, where asHorror is an extremely broad genre that can range from extreme gore to simply the unexplained. There is a thread of the (most-likely) impossible running through a horror tale: Supernatural, Ghosts, Spirits, Boogie Men, Magic, Killer Bunnies, and the like. The aim is not just to keep you at the edge of your seat but also to frighten the viewer/reader and are typically works of fiction.

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Why are there zombies in Thriller?

Horror movies, are sometimes referred to as, thrillers.

What movies in the 2000's are frightening?

The frightening movies in the 2000s are listed... Dead Silence (2007) Horror Mystery Saw (2004) Horror Paranormal Activity 3 (2011) Thriller Mystery The Devil Inside (2012) Horror House Of Wax (2005) Horror Mystery The Thing (2011) Horror Sci-Fi Thriller Drag Me To Hell (2009) Horror Thriller Mirrors (2008) Horror Mystery Thriller Stephen King's It (2002) Horror The Mist (2007) Horror Sci-Fi Friday The 13th (2009) Horror

What is the difference between action movies and horror movies?

Action movies have alot of intrest in them and horror films are very scary to some people, eg: Stephen King's It

Is Michael Jackson afraid of horror movies?

no... why would his # 1 music video "thriller", be an exciting horror movie?

What are good horror thriller suspense and comedy movies to watch?

Horror = paranormal 1 & 2 ... suspense but not that scary!

What are the types of horror movies?

blood and guts, thriller, suspense, mystery, and supernatural

Which are the best movies to get goosebumps?

Depending on your tolerance for horror movies, you may want to try movies in the horror and thriller genres. Some examples include Freddy Vs. Kruger and Friday the Thirteenth.

What are some good horror or thriller movies of 2012?

Horror: Sinister The Cabin in the Woods The Possession The Woman in Black Paranormal Activity 4 Thriller: Lawless Arbitrage The Grey Argo Zero Dark Thirty

Is Michael Jackson in a horror movie and if so what movie?

No, he wasn't in any horror movies. He does however have an extended movie-like music video that is horror themed, called 'Thriller'.

What percentage of U.S. movie customers like horror movies?

at least 84% of each state including D.C. likes horror, thriller, and/or suspense.

Is there any horror movies like the a nightmare on elm street franchise?

Jeeper Creeper is the best thriller movie

What does thriller mean in movies?

It is a film genre that is Meant to be "edge of seat suspense" which can involve action, horror and a drama mixture.

What kind of movies are there?

Action, adventure, comedy, thriller, horror, documentary, informational, educational, Musicals, Science Fiction, Western, drama

What is the difference between comedy and horror movies?

Comedy is a funny movie, there usually 12-15s as they can have in-apprioate language in them! a horror movie, is usually about murder, ghosts, anything that tends to be scary!

Are triller movies the same as horror movies?

Not always but sometimes. A straight thriller often takes place with realistic elements like a bomb is about to go off and there is only one cop who can stop it. That would be the elements of a thriller. Horror usually involves elements that are supernatural or other worldly. They involve monsters, ghosts, or psychos are cannot be stopped.

What types of horror films are there?

Slasher horror Found footage horror Stalker horror (often overlaps with Slasher horror) Thriller/Action-Adventure horror Psychological horror/Suspense Paranormal horror Torture horror Exploitation horror Splatter horror Science Fiction Aliens (part of the larger Sci-Fi category) Monster movies (Cryptid/Creature horror) Vampire horror

What kind of movies did Alfred Hitchcock direct?

He was known and loved for his technique in directing Suspense, Horror, Thriller but he has made films which are adventurous and comedic.

Why did Michael Jackson want to be a werewolf in thriller?

Because he liked horror movies! and john landis film about werewolves really inspired him to do the video.

Are there more horror movies or comedy movies?


Are horror movies safe?

Yes, horror movies are safe.

Which Michael Jackson videos are like horror movies?

His musical video "Thriller", and there's also the musical video that is more of a short film "Ghosts"

Which country is best known for the best Horror movies?

#1= United States (105,456,789 Horror movies made) #2= England (87,332,108 Horror movies made) #3= Italy (34,002,678 Horror movies made) #4= France (18,550,091 Horror movies made) #5= Canada (11,522,201 Horror movies made) All of these countries tie with great Horror movies!!!!

Do you like horror movies?

I am very fond of Horror movies. Horror is my favorite movie genre.

Is Saw a horror movie?

Yes, the Saw movies are horror movies.

When you watch movies does you pulse go up?

It depends on what film you are watching. Rom com - slower horror - faster thriller - faster adventure - stays same

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