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What is the difference between tiger eyes and human eyes?

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First the obvious: Tiger eyes are larger in size and the pupil is fixed vertically and human eyes are smaller and have a round pupil. It has been said and noted that these large species from the cat family can only see in black and white and humans see in both black and white and color too. Also Tigers can see better in the dark than humans, this is possible due to the size of their eyes. It's also known that Tigers can see better at far distances than humans. And ti add human eyes come in many different shades of colors. Tigers eyes are mainly Golden Brown in color. Although rare some of these cats have been known to have Bright Blue eye's or Glowing Green eye's.

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Difference between rabbit and human eyes?

human eyes are bigger.

What are the difference between a fish eye and a human?

fish eyes cant close or move like human eyes do

What is the difference between human and frog eyes?

no differ we can both see

The difference between human eyes and pig eyes?

EVERYTHING. They're different in every way imaginable.

What is the difference between the human and bee eye?

humans have only 1 lenses in one eye but bees will be having many lenses that is the difference between our eyes and bees eyes.

What is the difference between the sheep eyeball and a human one?

Their eyes are far apart to see there surroundings. This question is about the eyeball, not the position of the eyes.

What is the difference between simple and compound eyes and what does each do?

Human beings have simple eyes. Many insects have compound eyes. Each of these eyes point in a slightly different direction. It helps insects avoid danger.

What is the difference between the human eye and the bird's eye?

a birds eyes are much sharper then ours and they can see better then us

What is the difference of human eye and snake eye?

maybe the size of the eyes and what is going on in the eyes

When was Tiger Eyes created?

Tiger Eyes was created in 1981.

What is the difference between human eye and pinhole camera?

u can see things naked with eyes and pictures would last longer

What are the differences between cow eyes and human eyes?

One difference between cow eyes and human eyes is that cows eyes are much larger than humans eyesCow eyes are also darker than human eyes.Human eyes are much smaller than cow eyes and a human eye are lither than a cow eye.If you cut open an cows eye you will see that the eye is not circle shaped. Instead, the eye is oval. Human eyes are circular.A similarity between cow eyes and the human eyes is that both have an optic nerve which connects to the brain and that's how we see.Another difference is that the Human Eye Has 6 Muscles that allow movement of the eyes. Cow eyes only have 4 which requires them to Physically Move their Heads in order to see up and down and left to right.And unlike Humans , Cows Only have 1 Set color Of Iris which is Black , Where humans Have a Verity of Different colors depending on there Genetic Genes.the cow is also nocturnal, unlike humanssince the cow is nocturnal, it has a reflective tissue behind the retina called the tapetum

What is the differences between flies eyes and human eyes?

everything is the same

What are the two animals whose eyes process images differently then the human eye does?

tiger and the elephpant

How many pages does Tiger Eyes have?

Tiger Eyes has 224 pages.

What is the difference between human eyes n animal eyes at night?

most animals have some sort of night vision and humans dont so its harder for us to see at night

How do you tell the difference between Leyland Cypress and Irish Eyes Cypress?

ow do you tell the difference between irish eyes cyrus and Leyland cyprus

What is difference between Human eyes and Frog eyes?

The human eye and the frog eye are both socketed, which means that they do not protrude from the skull. Some people think that frogs are colour blind -- actually, they have the same colour reception as a human. Also, the frog has its eyes on the sides of its head, plus it can see in the dark or very dim light.

What is the difference between Korean presidential election and American presidential election?

Like small eyes and large eyes difference

What are the similarities between sheep eyes and human eyes?

both of the retinas form an image.

What is the ISBN of Tiger Eyes?

The ISBN of Tiger Eyes is 0-87888-185-9.

Tiger cubs eyes open at?

Tiger cubs open their eyes when they are about ten days old.

The difference between human eyes and animal eyes?

Not much. We, humans, are carnivores though. Our eyes are in the front of our head so that we (and other carnivores) can watch our prey at all times. Herbivores, on the other hand, have their eyes on the sides of their heads. That is so they can look for anyone who might be hunting them.

Is there a simile in eye of the tiger?

similes for tiger eyes

What are the differences between human eyes and animal eyes?

Human eyes are more advanced. An example of this is we can see colour where as some animals can only see black and white, like dogs.

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