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Vectors include information about their direction, and are incomplete without it.

Examples are displacement, velocity, acceleration, momentum, magnetic field.

(Velocity is speed with direction.)

Scalars are complete without stating any direction.

Examples are temperature, cost, mass, speed.

(Speed is velocity without direction.)

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Q: What is the difference between vector and scalor quantity?
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Is a kg scalor or a vector quantity?

Scalar, because no direction is used to specify the mass.

Why electric current is not vector quantity?

As has already been explained it is a scalor until it produces a result i.e. is used to do work.

Mass a scalor or vector?

Scalar as it doesn't have a direction.

What is the difference between zero and zero vector in vector algebra?

Zero is a number (a scalar quantity without unit) while zero vector (or null vector) is a vector quantity having zero magnitude and arbitrary direction.

Difference between vector and scalar quantity?

A vector is a quantity with a direction that matters, like force, velocity, acceleration, etc. A scalar is a quantity with no direction, like temperature, cost, mass, etc.

The main difference between a scalar and a vector quantity is?

A vector quantity includes a direction; a scalar does not.A vector quantity includes a direction; a scalar does not.A vector quantity includes a direction; a scalar does not.A vector quantity includes a direction; a scalar does not.

What is the point of view why we need to study scalar and vector quantity?

There is a big difference between Scalar and vector quantity. Vector quantity means something where direction is not Displacement(the shortest distance between the displacement points of an object). whereas in scalar quantity Direction is important. eg. Speed

What is difference between amplitude and displacement?

displacement is the vector quantity and the distance is scalar quantity, displacement is the shortest distance between two points.

What is the difference between vector and scalar quantities?

Vector quantity is a quantity characterized by magnitude and direction.Whereas,Scalar quantity is a quantity that does not depend on direction.

The differences between scalar quantities and vector quantities?

A scalar quantity is just a number e.g. 3 miles A vector quantity is a number with directions e.g. 3 miles south So the difference between them is that vector has a particular direction to go with but a scalar quantity is just a number.

What is the difference between scalars and vectors using displacement and distance?

A scalar is a real quantity like distance and a vector is a vector quantity like displacement.Displacement is the product of a distance and a direction,Displacement =DistancexDirection.

What is displacement and its examples?

is a vector quantity ,difference between two position and it has both magnitude an d direction