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Whole wheat flour is just that, wheat that is ground into flour with nothing removed. White flour is just the middle part of the wheat kernel without the bran or wheat germ. Enriched flour has vitamins added to it to make up for the bran and wheat germ. Refined could mean any of these other than whole wheat.

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Q: What is the difference between wheat flour and white flour What does it mean for flour to be enriched What does it mean for a flour to be refined?
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What is refined pasta?

Pasta made with enriched (white) flour.

What is the difference between enriched and self raising flour?

Enriched flour has the germ removed. Self-rising has baking soda added.

Does enriched flour have leavening in it?

No, "enriched flour" has a few of the nutrients naturally found in wheat added back into the refined flour. Flour with leavening (baking powder) is "Self-Rising Flour."

What is the healthiest option to choose enriched flour unenriched flour whole grain flour of refined flour?

whole grain

Whats Difference between all purpose flour and enriched flour?

All purpose flour is the general, common flour that can be used in most any type of recipe. It is of an average grain size and texture. Enriched flour means it has been fortified with color or nutrients.

Can you substitute enriched flour for all purpose flour in cake?

yes enriched flour can be substituted for all purpose flour in a cake

True or false Enriched flour is better for you than whole rain flour?

Assuming you mean whole grain flour..... Whole Grain flour is better for you than enriched flour. Enriched flour is usually bleached and has additives.

Is there another name for enriched flour?


Which is worse white flour or enriched flour?

White flour. Enriched flour has had some nutrients added to it, while white flour has been ground and bleached.

Is enriched wheat flour better than enriched white flour?

Yes it is better then white

What has enriched flour in it?


Is sour dough bread refined?

It is not the bread that is refined but the flour that the bread is made with - thus a sourdough bread can be made with unrefined flour or refined flour.

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