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White chocolate is cocoa butter combined with milk and a sweetener, often flavored with vanilla. Like chocolate, it may be purchased in large or small bricks, but these can often be difficult to work with as one must cut off chunks with a knife, often resulting in inaccurate portioning. Some "white chocolate", known as confectioner's coating or summer coating, is made from inexpensive solid or hydrogenated vegetable fats, and as such, is not at all derived from cocoa. These preparations may actually be white in color (in contrast to white chocolate's ivory shade) and will lack cocoa butter's flavor.

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What are white vanilla baking chips?

its just white chocolate chips

Are chocolate chips good?

Yes they are really good. There are many different kinds like dark chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, or even mint chocolate chips!!

What is the difference between the ingredients in a chocolate cake and a white cake?

a chocolate cake has chocolate and a white cake has no egg yolks

Can white chocolate chips be substitued for white chocolate?

Often they usually can, yes.

What is the difference between white and dark chocolate?

White chocolate only has cocoa butter in it, while dark chocolate also has chocolate liquor.

Why are your chocolate chips white?

Your Chocolate Chips are white because they were probably left out and they are now molding which is caused by being irresponsible! did you ever hear about freezing chocolate? ;/

Why do cookies have chocolate chips?

You usually use chocolate chips to sweeten the cookies and add chocolate taste. However, you can use white chocolate chips or any brand "chips" at the baking section @ your store.

If the recipe calls for melted chocolate chips for dipping can you use white chocolate chips instead?


What is the difference between a white diamond and a chocolate?

one is white and the other is brown

Can you use white chips in pumpkin cookies?

If you mean white chocolate chips then yes, if you mean actual chips, i wouldnt suggest that.

What is the difference between chocolate and cocoa?

because coco is white and comes from a tree and chocolate comes from a nut

4 ounces of white chocolate chips?

That is not a complete question.

Are Nestle white chocolate chips nut free?


What is the difference between brown and white chocolate?

Simply put, white chocolate is not chocolate. Unlike dark or milk chocolate, it contains no cocoa. It is instead made with milk, sugar and deodorized cocoa-butter.

Can you have cookies for breakfast?

yes because they are yummy and especially chocolate ones with white chocolate :]chips

Can you substitute white chips for chocolate chips?

Yes, I do it all the time because people in my family are allergic to chocolate. Came out great, give it a try!

What is the difference between yellow corn chips and white corn chips?

the difference is all in the color, white corn chips happen to be very white, while yellow ones happen to be a little more yellow. there have been many arguments about which type of corn chip is better, but for me i enjoy the yellow ones

What is the difference between white chocolate and brown chocolate?

Brown chocolate is made from cocoa. White chocolate really isn't chocolate at all because it is made from sugar, but since there are no regulations in place to say what has to go into chocolate for it to have the name it is still called chocolate.

Is there more energy in dark milk or white chocolate and by how much difference?

There is no large or distinct difference between the two.

What is the density of chocolate chips?

I weighed 200 cubic centimetres of milk chocolate chips at a temperature of 22.5 C and the mass was 145g. That means that the density is 0.725g/cubic centimetre. However the density may vary if you are talking about dark or white chocolate chips. This is a measure of the density of Milk chocolate chips.

What do I use my recipe calls for chocolate pieces do I use chocolate chips or bakers chocolate?

In cookie recipes, the recipe probably means semi-sweet chocolate chips. Bakers' chocolate, which is usually unsweetened, would be far too bitter. But you have a lot of choices, depending on the taste you want in your cookies. Semi-sweet chocolate chips tend to be the most popular, but you could choose chocolate mint chips, peanut butter, butterscotch, white chocolate chips or chocolate pieces of various sizes, from mini-chips to the larger "chunks."

What makes gourmet white chocolate so special?

Gourmet white chocolate is made with a high cocoa butter content so it actually is real chocolate. Typical non-gourmet white chocolate is not actually chocolate because it does not contain any cocoa butter. The difference between white chocolate and regular chocolate is that white chocolate has a high milk content and does not contain cocoa powder.

Can you mix almond bark and chocolate chips?

For coating or dipping purposes, yes, you can. I have done it before for cake balls as well as chocolate chip cookie dough truffles, and it works very well. Great way to stretch expensive chocolate bark. I've even mixed chocolate chips with white almond bark, and it came out all chocolate. I couldn't tell the difference. I'm pretty sure I used milk chocolate chips every time.

Why do the droppings of house lizards have white colored tips?

they are white chocolate chips eat them and see

What is the difference between milk chocolate dark chocolate and white chocolate?

Dark chocolate is made up of around 65% cocoa solids whereas milk chocolate is around 35%. White "chocolate" isn't even really chocolate because it contains no cocoa solids.