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warranty is: if product is found defective then the product will be repaired within given time period of the warranty.

Guarranty is: if product is found defective then the product will be replace with new one within given time period by the guarrantor.

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Q: What is the difference betwen a guarantee and warranty?
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What is the difference between a warranty and guarantee?

A warranty is when a product is guaranteed not to be defective for a certain length of time. A guarantee is something that is promised to work or you get your money back. Usually a warranty will be replaced and a guarantee will be replaced or you can also get your money back.

Difference between guarantee and warranty?

guarantee means that the seller will completely replace the product or item while warranty means that the seller will repair the product or item. SHAHZAIB SHEHZAD

What is the difference between warranty and guaranty?

Warranty- Promising to repair or replace it if necessary within a specified period of time Guarantee- A promise that a product will be repaired if not of a specified quality. Its not a big difference.

What is the difference between a guarantee and warranty?

A warranty is a promise to replace or repair an item if the item does not satisfy the terms of the warranty. A guarantee is a promise to return the money paid to purchase an item if the item does not satisfy the terms of the guarantee. That is why a wedding photographer can only offer a "money back" guarantee, and not a warranty. According to the 1985 Moss Magnuson Act, warranty and guarantee are the same thing. A guarantee is a document to protect consumer rights. It is a promise by a seller with a buyer for complete replacement of the item/ article or product; usually guarantee is valid for a fixed period of time. It has a legal status, even if we do not pay for or it was offered free of cost by a seller. Warranty is also a document that protects consumer rights. It is more or less like insurance policy for that we have to pay certain amount to come into legal contract. So on the basis of this legal bond the company can be taken to court if it does not bound what has been agreed in the warranty document. Warranty covers only repair of the article. Guarantee is more in manufacture, Warranty is more in distribution and reselling parts; for example, a company manufacture a scooter is liable for manufacture guarantee,on the other hand, some importer or distributor resell the products will use warranty A guarantee is giving you their word (kinda like an empty promise.) A warranty is in writing that they will correct any problem within the scope of the warranty. Take a warranty over a guarantee anytime.

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What is cookware warranty?

The period for which it is covered by guarantee.

Is there a warranty or money back guarantee on the Epson S020122 Ink Cartridge?

yes,there is a warranty or money back guarantee on the Epson S020122 Ink Cartridge

What is the difference between warranty and guarantee?

GuaranteeA guarantee is usually free and is a promise about an item by the manufacturer or companyIt's a promise to sort out any problems with a product or service within a specific, fixed period of timeWhether you paid for a guarantee or not, it is legally bindingThe guarantee must explain how you would make a claim in a way that is easy to understandIt adds to your rights under consumer lawIt will take effect whether or not you have a warrantyWarrantyA warranty acts like an insurance policy for which you must pay a premium - Sometimes a warranty is called an 'extended guarantee'May last longer than a guarantee and cover a wider range of problemsA warranty is a legal contractThe terms of the contract should be clear and fairDoes not reduce your rights under consumer lawA warranty can be in place with a guaranteeRead more:

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A guarantee that is legally binding to the company who issues it?


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