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Tubes clipped - Fallopian tubes are clipped and it is reversible.

Tubes cauterized (burned) - Tubes are burned (not reversible).

Tubes tied - Doctors don't do this procedure that often, but it is what it is, your fallopian tubes are tied. (reversible but with difficulty and lower success rate)

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The person can undergo the Reversal Surgery - Tube Reconstruction Surgery. But the success rates for conceiving after the Tube Reconstruction is very Less if the Tubes were burnt and clipped in the regions other than Isthmus. There is a High risk of Ectopic Pregnancy after the Tube Reconstruction Surgery which may sometimes be very dangerous.

Hi my name jeanette i has a cut and tube tied for 20 year would i can get pregnent if it does or not ??

ten or 11 years. my daughter was 11 when i became pregnant while my tubes are tied, clipped, and burnt.

My mothers (key word, lol) were tied, but not clipped and burnt. They can come un-done, medically and naturally, although not very common.

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