What is the digital divide?

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The term digital divide refers to the "gap" between those who have access to modern digital technology, and those who don't have access.

It refers to the relative social status of different sections of society in the modern computer and information technology age. It refers to the gap between those with regular access to digital products, computers, and information technology and those without it.

Specifically this applies to poorer sections of society, people living in remote areas away from big cities, and the large population of developing and underdeveloped countries. Most have no access to computers in education, nor other benefits of modern information technology, such as the internet.
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What is digital divide?

The digital divide refers to how much of a gap there is between people who have access to technology and those who don't, such as 3rd world countries who have very little access to technology

What are the causes of digital divide?

basic factors attributed to digital divide include economic resources, education, information literacy skill and personal motivation,there a lot of others factors

Cultural impacts on the digital divide?

not having access to the internet, in countries like china. some cultures have the tradional role of women staying home while the men go out the work, this menas that the lack of education has a huge impact on the digital divide.

What is the digital divide and why does it matter?

A digital divide is an economic term to indicate inequality between groups at a high level in terms of access to, use of, or knowledge of information and communication technologies.

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