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The Dingo is a resturant.

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Q: What is the dingo in The Outsiders?
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What is the dingo from outsiders?

It is an Australian Dingo.

In the book the outsiders what is a dingo?

The Dingo is this rough hang out spot; there is always a fight happening.

What are some of the greasers favorite hangouts in the outsiders?

dingo's and jay's

Where do the greasers hangout?

In "The Outsiders" the Greasers hangout at Dingo and Jays. They are a gang that are the opposite of the Socs.

What are the ding o and jays in the outsiders?

dingo is a rough hangout place, there is always a fight going on!And jay's is a ....

What color is the Australian Dingo's tongue?

I honestly wish i knew, but i have a Dingo Mix.. And were thinking its kinda like a Chow... Black/Pink! but they can be great pets if introduced to many people as a pup.. But it will be aggressive to intruders or "Outsiders" to the home, So new people are not a good idea.

What is a male dingo called?

There is not a specific name for a male dingo. A dingo is called a dingo no matter if they are male or female.

What dog is older the Dingo or the Thai Dingo?


Who is Donna dingo?

Donna Dingo is a dingo that helps deaf people.

Does the dingo have a predator?

The main "predator" of the dingo is man, although man, of course, does not hunt the dingo except where the dingo threatens stock. There are no other natural predators of the dingo.

Where does the story The Outsiders take place?

The novel The Outsiders takes place in 1964 Tulsa, Oklahoma. This is SE Hinton's hometown, and though it isn't specifically mentioned in the book, we know this because The Ribbon, The Dingo's and Jay's are major areas in Tulsa and are popular hangouts.

Which Dingo Parent Raises The Dingo Cubs?

The mother dingo raises the pups.

Is a dingo an invertebrate?

A dingo is a type of dog so, dogs are vertebrates , a dingo is a vertebrate.

Is Ernie Dingo married?

Ernie Dingo is married to Sally Dingo, whom he married in 1989.

What is the birth name of Ernie Dingo?

Ernie Dingo's birth name is Ernest Ashley Dingo.

Information about a dingo?

Dingo info, link.

How tall is a Dingo?

A Dingo Is About 4ft Tall

What is the identity of dingo on dany and the dingo?

a dog

What is the plural of a dingo?

Dingoes is the plural of dingo.

What is plural for dingo?

The plural of dingo is dingoes.

What range of dingo?

because your father is a dingo

Dingo scientific name?

The scientific name for the Australian dingo is Canis lupus dingo. Dingo's are free-ranging predator dogs that are a subspecies of the grey wolf.

Can a kangaroo fight a dingo?

yes a kangaroo can fight a dingo with its powerful kick to make the dingo runaway

What is the plural for dingo?

The Plural is Dingoes. Adding the "ES" to the "dingo" makes it a plural

Who would win a American bulldog or dingo?


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