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What is the disadvantages and advantages of SAP implementation with SAP and stubs drivers?

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This is very dynamic software. but the problem is what when you dont have your net connection you cannot use this.

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While doing an Integration , If we dont have all the modules get ready and Need to test a particualr module which is ready then We Use Stubs and Drivers. Stubs and drivers used in Integration testing for a Top Down Integration testing and Botton Up Integration Testing. For EX : If we have Modules x,y,z . X module is ready and Need to Test it , But i calls functions from y and z.(Which is not ready)To test at a particular module we write a Small Dummy piece a code which Simulates Y and Z Whch will return values for X, These pice of Dummy code is Called Stubs in a Top Down Integration So Stubs are called Functions in Top Down Integration. Similar to the above ex: If we have Y and Z modules get ready and x module is not ready, and we need to test y and z modules Which return values from X,So to get the values from X We write a Small Pice of Dummy code for x which returns values for Y and Z,So these piece of code is called Drivers in Botton Up Integration So Drivers are calling Functions in Bottom Up Inegration. Thanks Sandhya

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