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discovered about 1737 by chemist George Brandt in Stockholm, Sweden

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What is potassium's date of discovery?

The exact date of discovery was in 1807

What is the date of the discovery of helium?

the date of the discovery of helium is 1868

Discovery date for Mercury?

what is the Discovery Date for mercury? please someone tell me!!!!!!!!!!!

Discovery of cobalt element?

george brandt is the discoverer of all elements and is the god of kelsie

Saturn's date of discovery?

Saturn has been visible as long as mankind can remember, so it does not have a discovery date.

How long can you sue for medical malpractice in Ohio?

The statute of limitations for medical malpractice claims in Ohio is one year with the "discovery rule." The discovery rule changes the date from date of occurrence-act or omission-to the date of discovery.

What was the discovery date of Mexico?

1518 if you think of "discovery" as being found by Europeans.

Discovery date of hydrogen?

Hydrogen does not have an exact date of its actual discovery. It was known to the Greeks who named is Hydrogen from their words for water maker.

When was the spiral galaxy discovered?

No date can be put on a date of discovery or by whom

Convection currents discovered date?

convection currents discovery date

Discovery date of argon?

it was discovered in 1894

What was the date of galileos discovery?

Which one are you referring to?

When was the date of discovery of lithium?

The Date Of Lithium When was first found is 1817 By Johan A. Arfvedson.

What is the date of discovery for copper?

It was discovered in accent time. It's specific date is unknown.

What date Copernicus made his discovery?

The discovery was published in 1543 but it was probably made about 20 years before that.

What is hassiums date of discovery?

1984, Darmstadt (Germany).

What is mars date of discovery?

Prehistoric. we have always known it was there.

Is cobalt chloride the same with cobalt dichloride?

Cobalt (I) chloride = Cobalt monochloride = CoCl Cobalt (II) chloride = Cobalt dichloride = CoCl2 Cobalt (III) chloride = Cobalt trichloride = CoCl3

Date of discovery of nitrogen?

1772 discovered by Daniel Rutherford

What is the date of discovery for the element aluminum?

The descovery of aluminum was by davy.

When did anaconda's first get discovered?

There is no official date of discovery for the anaconda

Can the element cobalt be mixed with any othe element?

Yes. Cobalt (Co) can be reacted with most elements. Here are a few reactions:Cobalt + Oxygen --> Cobalt OxideCobalt + Sulphur --> Cobalt SulphateCobalt + Iodine --> Cobalt IodideCobalt + Chlorine --> Cobalt Chloride

What is the statute of limitations in Texas for medical malpractice?

Two years with Discovery Rule. The Discovery Rule is put in to make the statute of limitations start from the date of discovery of the injury.

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