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What is the distance between India and burma?

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What country lies between India and Burma?

What bay is between Burma and India?

Is Bangladesh between Malaysia and India?

No, Bangladesh is not between Malaysia and India. It is between Myanmar (Burma) and India.

What country is in between Burma and Pakistan?


What are the similarities between burma and Vietnam?

Although Burma borders India, both Burma and Vietnam are in Southeast Asia.

What is the approximate distance between Pakistan and burma?


When was Burma seperated from India?

When was Burma separated from India

What is the body of water between India and Burma?

The Bay of Bengal.

What is name of border between India and Burma?

baroda small

What Bay is between Burma and India?

The bay that is found between Burma and India is the Bay of Bengal. It is 1,300 miles long and has an average depth of 8,500 feet. It flows in from the Indian Ocean.

When did Burma become a part of India?

Burma was never part of India. Burma was once "added" as a province of India after the British conquest of Burma in 1885, but broke away in 1936.

What is distance between Tura India and Delhi?

The distance between Tura, India and Delhi, India is 10,217.4kms!

The distance between Delhi India and Melbourne Australia?

distance between India & Melbourne

Name the body of water you find between India and Burma?

The Bay of Bengal.

How many miles from England to Burma?

The distance between the United Kingdom to Burma (Myanmar) is 5,319 miles or 8,561 kilometers. A flight from the UK to Burma takes about 11 hours.

What is the newly named country that lies between India and Thailand?

Myanmar, formerly Burma. It's Burma in English and has been for a long time.

Where is Myanmar?

Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) is a country in southeast Asia in between China, Thailand and India.Southeast Asia, formerly Burma

What is the distance between Canada and India?

The shortest distance between Canada and India is about 10,900 kms and its via china.

What is the distance between India and shanghai?

Since there is no clarification on a specific city in India. This answer below displays the distance between Delhi (the Capital City of India) and Shanghai.Distance in Miles: 2635.25Distance in Kms: 4240.90

Distance between India and Washington D.C.?

The distance between Calcutta, India and Washington DC is 8,086 miles (13,014km)

Distance from India to Florida?

Distance between India (New Delhi) and Florida (Miami): 13,523 km or 8403 miles. Distance between India (Gujarat) and Florida (Orlando) : 13,858 km or 8611 miles Distance between India (Mumbai) and Florida (Pensacola): 14,136 km or 8783

What is the distance between Colombia and India?

The distance from Patharia, India to Socha, Colombia is 9,644 miles.

What is the distance covered by Siberian Crane to travel from Russia to India?

what is the distance between siberia to india?

What is distance between Hyderabad India and Shrishailam India?


What is the Asian country between Thailand and India and Bangladesh?

The country between Thailand on one side and India and Bangladesh on the other side is Myanmar (also called Burma)

What is the distance between India and west-indies?

diatance between westindies to india

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