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If you have made the mistake of removing the distributor from an engine without marking exactly where the rotor was, and where the distributor was, you have created a lot of work for yourself. First, you must get the crankshaft to Top Dead Center for the number one piston. There are timing marks on the pulley, which must line up with a pointer or mark mounted on the block. Once this is done, the distributor must be inserted into the head in such a way that the rotor will be under the number one cylinder plug wire position when the distributor is seated. This usually means having the rotor about 20 degrees offset when inserting the distributor, to allow for the worm gear to line up with the drive gear. Then, you have to turn the distributor until the lobe on the distributor shaft which opens the points is just beginning to open the points. Once this is done, the engine should start, and then will need to be timed with a timing light.

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Q: What is the distributor position on a 1976 Dodge 360 or 318?
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