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What is the doctor called that old people go to?

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You may be thinking of a gerontologist.

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How old go you have to be to be doctor?

it depends like if you want to be a dermitoligest,nurse or ER doctor

Why did an old house go to the doctor?

It had window pain

Can I fire my doctor?

You are (usually) free to go to a different doctor. But that wouldn't be called "firing".

Why do old people go to a day care?

why do old people go to a day centre

What is a person called who excessively go to a medical doctor?

A hypochondriac

How old do you have to be to go to the doctor alone?

any age above 11

Why a girl at 18 years old never had a period?

People say that if u havent had a period by the age of 18 then you should go to the doctor, people start at all different times

How can you retrieve an item from your anus?

You will have to go to a doctor to have it removed. Do not be embarrassed; more people than you know of go to the doctor for removal of items in the anus.

How do people kill there babies when they are pregnant with them?

They go to a doctor and have an abortion.

Should a 6year old with a 103.2 fever go to doctor?

Definitely yes, and if not just call the doctor and tell him the symptoms.

Why would you be bledding old blood?

No. Go see your doctor or go the Emergency room at your local hospital.

Is it normal for people to eat feces?

no people do not eat faeces often. if you do go to your Doctor

Is it normal for a 9 yearr old to have yellow discharge?

no, go immediately to a doctor

Can a 12 year old go to the doctor without her parents knowing?


What to do for year old with upset stomach?

go and see a doctor,to check for an ulcer

How do you find out what kind of cough you have?

its called you go to a doctor and they say you have ------- that type of a cough

18 yr old female urinate every hour?

she has to go and see a doctor

How do you get rid of a yeast infection at 16 years old?

Go and get an antifungal medication from your doctor.

Child has bumps on back of tongue and throat.?

Go to a doctor. !! Go to a doctor. Go to a doctor.

How do people know they have cancer?

They go to the doctor and get tests ran on the suspected area.

What should a 16 year old should do if his penis not growing?

go see da doctor

Should a 9 year old go to the doctor with a temp of 104?

Yes! Right away!!

How do you know if a 14 year old is pregnant?

Take a pregnancy test, then go to the doctor to confirm it.

Will Doctor Who program go on forever?

Hopefully (it rules), but the people that work on Doctor Who could go bankrupt and not be able to pay for the programme. It mainly depends on audience interest and ratings.

Why do some people go blind when they get old?

because they get old da

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