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What is the draft required for RMS Segwun?

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According to the markings on her bow - 6 feet. Joel

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In roughness measureing system what is RMS value?

RMS value is defined as "The amount of ac supply required to make same heat effect in resistor , which is made by dc current, in that resistor"

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What does 'RMS' stand for in electronics such as power output?


Your amp is 5000 watts what is the rms of the amp?

There is really no wattage in "rms". RMS means only that the calculation goes P = V * I where you use V-RMS and I-RMS. In common use, the terms "RMS power" or "watts RMS" are erroneously used to describe average power.

Was the Titanic SS or RMS?


What does rms Titanic stand for in rms Titanic?

RMS stands for Royal Mail Ship.

What is it called when military service is required?

Draft, conscription, or compulsory service.

What does 'RMS' stand for in front of a ships name?

RMS = Royal Merchant Ship.

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How do you calculate RMS power?

Power is determined from an AC voltage measured in volts RMS and an AC amperage measured in amps RMS, but there is really no such thing as "RMS power". People are using the term "RMS power", but that is not correct. it is actually "average power".Why there is no such thing as 'RMS watts' or 'watts RMS' and never has been:

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A Demand Draft is essentially a Cashier's Check (or Pay Order). What is required to make a Demand Draft are two components:Name of the Beneficiary (to which the demand draft would be made)and needless to say, the money for the amount of the demand draft.Your bank may affix additional charges for making a demand draft.

What is the minimum depth of water in meters required for the RMS Queen Mary 2 to navigate safely to harbor?

@ least 3 feet

What is the peak voltage for 120v RMS?

RMS to peak, times 1.414. Peak to RMS times .707.

What does watts RMS mean?

Watts root mean square is the effective value of alternating current electrical power compared to direct current power. In AC there is a rms or effective value of voltage and a rms or effectice value of amperage. Power is volts rms times amps rms. That is the AC watts compared to direct current power. There cannot be RMS power or watts RMS. Scroll down to related links and look for "Why there is no such thing as 'RMS watts' or 'watts RMS' and never has been". RMS watts is meaningless, but we use that term as "an extreme shorthand" for power in watts calculated from measuring the RMS voltage.

What does RMS mean in RMS Titanic?

Royal Merchant Ship

What does RMS stand for in RMS titanic?

Royal merchant ship

What does RMS in RMS Titanic stand for?

Royal Mail Ship

What does RMS mean as in RMS Titanic?

Royal Mail Ship.