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What is the driving distance in both miles and kilometers between Miami Florida and New York City?


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1,281 miles or 2,061km


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The driving distance between Washington, DC and Orlando, Florida is 850 miles or 1371 kilometers.

Driving distance: 371.53 miles / 597.92 kilometers - Time: ~5:43 h

Driving distance: 1,275.66 miles / 2,052.97 kilometers - Time: 19:44 h

The driving distance between destin Florida to Pensacola Florida is 47.5 miles. About 56 miles in the car driving.

The driving distance between Kissimmee, Florida and Orlando is about 18 miles

The total driving distance from Orlando, FL to Naples, FL is about 190 miles or 305 kilometers.

The driving distance in miles between Orlando, Florida, and the Florida Keys is 379 miles.

The driving distance from Venice, Florida to Fort Lauderdale, Florida is about 196 miles / 315 km.

The driving distance from Miami, Florida to Cancun, Mexico is 2,996 miles.

The driving distance from Cottonport, Louisiana to Miami, Florida is 1,003 miles.

The driving distance between Palm Beach & Melbourne are 113 miles.

what is the driving distance between West Palm Beach and Sarasota, Florida

distance driving from st. petersburg Florida to Sarasota Florida

The halfway driving distance point from Seattle, Washington, to Jacksonville, Florida, is Montrose, South Dakota. The total driving distance from Seattle to Jacksonville is 2,993 miles, which equals 4,817 kilometers.

The driving distance from Freehold, New Jersey to Ocala, Florida is 1,000 miles.

The driving distance from Detroit, Michigan to Panama City, Florida is about 1,002 miles.

The driving distance from Melbourne, Florida to West Palm Beach, Florida is about 113 miles / 182 km.

The shortest driving distance is 2,713 miles.

The distance mentioned between the above mentioned places is 35.93mi . This is an approximate driving distance. The actual driving distance may differ according to the path chosen.

The distance in Florida from Titusville to Melbourne is 49 miles. That equals 79 kilometers and about 50 minutes in driving time.

The distance in Florida from Sanford to Tavares is 31 miles. That equals 50 kilometers and about 45 minutes in driving time.

The road distance between the places is 469 miles. This is the distance when the shortest route is chosen. Also it should be noted that various traffic rules like 'one ways' and 'no entries' have Not been considered when calculating this distance.

The driving distance from Orlando, FL to Spring Hill, FL is 84 miles.

The driving distance from Port Charlotte, FL to Orlando, FL is 165 miles .

The driving distance from Orlando, FL, USA to Brooksville, FL, USA is 67 miles.

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