What is the dry adiabatic lapse rate on Venus?

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2008-03-14 00:47:03

The dry adiabatic lapse rate (La)* on Venus is about 10.47K/km,

and is similar to that of Earth. This is because the La is governed

specific heat (Cp) of the atmospheric gasses and the

planet's gravity (g). Specific heat (Cp) is the amount of heat

energy in Joules required to raise the temperature of 1 kg of

substance by 1 Kelvin. The equation is quite simple. La = g/Cp For

Earth: Cp = 1.004 J/kg/K, g = 9.8 m/s2 Earth La = 9.76 K/km For

Venus: Cp = 0.85 J/kg/K, g = 8.9 m/s2 Venus La = 10.47 K/km For

Mars: Cp = 0.83 J/kg/K, g = 3.7 m/s2 Mars La = 4.50 K/km

The symbol for lapse rate is actually an upside-down L, but I don't

know how to do scientific symbols on this browser.

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