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The limit is 2.25 litres.

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Q: What is the duty free alcohol limit into Australia?
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Can you have alcohol in your luggage as well as buying duty free entering Australia?

You can have alcohol in your checked baggage or with you as hand baggage to most destinations as long as you do not exceed the inbound customs allowance limit. But, for Australia liquids such as duty free liquors need to be sent as checked baggage and not carried by hand.

How much alcohol can you take into Australia not duty free?


How much duty free alcohol can you bring from NZ to Australia?

you can check all the duty free questions at

How many bottles of wine can you take into Australia?

If you are aged 18 years or over, you can bring 2.25 litres of alcohol duty-free into Australia with you.

What is the duty free liquor limit to us?

There is no federal limit on duty free liquor that is brought into the United States. There are states that have personal use limits that can limit the duty free liquor brought into the US. A person has to be entering a state with a limit to be affected by this rule. Each state has a different limit.

What is the duty free limit for USA?


How much duty free allowed into Australia?

you can check all wordwide duty free allowances and limits at this website where it has all duty free shopping information

What is the worlds biggest selling duty free product?


When visiting Ontario CA from the USA what is the duty charged for bringing more alcohol than the duty-free limit?

The duty is $8 per 1 case (24 cans of beer). I would imagine the same would be true for 1 liter of hard alcohol. Beer in Canada costs about $26 - $36 per case and around $36 for a liter of hard alcohol.

Can you take whiskey into Australia?

There is a relatively small duty free allowance. After that, duty must be paid.

Can you buy duty free when traveling between Ireland and Switzerland?

Yes, you can buy duty free when travelling between Ireland and Switzerland. There are limits with regards to the amount of alcohol and tobacco that can be considered duty free.

What is the duty free limit for the USA?

800 dollars per person (in general).

Does Dodger Stadium have an alcohol free section?

Dodger Stadium does not have an alcohol free section. On days that they are open they serve alcohol until the 7th inning and limit 2 beverages per purchase.

How much duty free alcohol can you take into Singapore?

Duty free allowances for alcohol are 1 L each of wine, beer and spirits, though the 1 L of spirits may be substituted with 1 L of wine or beer, unless you are entering from Malaysia. Travelers entering from Malaysia are not entitled to any duty free allowance. Alcohol may not be brought in by persons under the age of 18.

What is the amount of duty free alcohol one may bring into the US?

156 bottles :)

Can you buy alcohol duty free and bring it to Mexico?

Yes, you can. But after your purchase, it will be handed to you at the boarding gate.

How many non duty free cigarettes can you take into Australia?

two hundred and fifty

Is it best to buy alcohol in Croatia duty free rather than Britain?

it's cheaper,yes

Can you bring non duty free wine into Australia on the plane?

only if you decant it into 100ml bottles ...

Can you take alcohol on Qantas fights?

On International Qantas Flights you can purchase duty free alcohol at the airport. You are not permitted to carry such substance inside your check in luggage.

Where can one purchase duty free perfume?

Duty free perfume can be purchased at duty free shops that are found in airports and along the U.S. Canadian border. The key factor is that the purchase must be taken out of the country where purchased. There is the possibility that the perfume may be taxed by the country that is entered if the value is above a predetermined limit.

What are examples of things you can measure liters?

Soft drinks, alcohol (in duty free shops, usually not retail), milk, petrol.

Can you be over the drink drive limit drinking alcohol free beer?

Technically, alcohol free beer doesn't exist. Most contain about .05% alcohol, compared to 4-6% for an average beer. So, the average 175 lb person would be over the legal limit if they were to drink three beers in a relatively short amount of time. To achieve the same amount of alcohol from "near beer", you would need to drink ten times as much. So the alcohol in 3 beers, equals the alcohol in 30 "non-alcohol" beers.

What is the difference between Duty-Free and Duty-Paid?

first of all duty means 'tax'. for goods we have to pay tax i.e duty paid, duty free means tax free.

What are the alcohol free counties in Utah?

There are no alcohol free counties in Utah.