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Electrons would flow with "ease" or towards positive charge. Ie away from other electrons or negative charge.

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Q: What is the ease of which electrons flow through a metals?
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Why metals good electrical conductors?

In their regular (lattice) structure, metals have a sea of free electrons. This allows the electrons to flow through the metal at will and this is what makes metals good conductors of electricity (and heat).Their mobile electrons

Why are most metals called good conductors?

Because such metals allow electricity to flow more freely through them than it can flow through most other things (wood, for example, is a poor conductor).

Why are metals good conductors but plastic not?

Plastics are filled with covalent bonds ... which block the flow of electrons. Whereas metals share their electrons, thus facilitating their flow.

True or false does a conductor allow electric current o flow through easily?

Conductors, most metals for example, valence electrons of the atoms can be localized with very little input of energy. Insulators, most non-metals for example on the other hand, offers high resistance to flow electrons through them. In insulators valence electrons of the atoms are tightly bound and therefore at low voltages there is no flow of electrons through them.

Which metals that are not conductor that did not permit the flow of electric?

If a substance does not permit the flow of electrons, then it is not a "metal".

Electric current in metals result form the flow of?


A path along which electrons can flow?

electrons can flow through circuits.

What is it called when electrons flow through a wire?

When electrons flow through a conductor such as a wire, it is called, "Electricity".

What are materials that allow electrons to move through them easily?

A conductor. Most metals are conductors-they enable electrons to move freely through them, carrying an electrical charge. Most non-metals (notably excluding graphite, an isotope of carbon) are insulators which means that they do not allow an electrical charge to be carried through them.

What items are insulators and conductor?

Conductors are materials that allow electrons to flow easily through it. Metals are the best examples of conductors. Insulators to the opposite; they don't like letting their electrons flow. Glass, rubber, and wood are some examples of insulators.

Electrons do not readily flow through what material?

The material that electrons do not readily flow through in the electrical trade is classed an an insulator.

How do you explain why metals are good conductors?

Metals are good conductors because they consist of a lattice of atoms with free electrons. The free electrons allow a current to flow through. When a negative charge is applied at one end, the electrons are repelled from the negative charge, and move towards the other end.