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  1. Learn how to pursue singing as a career, not just as a hobby. That's not all there is to it, no matter what anybody else says. Even if a famous album producer says "You can't do that," then they had better think twice. Many people will try to rip you down and tarnish your self-esteem and reputation. You need to be able to remain unaffected by that.
  2. Be determined. There's a lot of competition out there--millions of people . If you are able to write a poem that you and other people can relate to, then you have yourself a song. All you need is to figure out what notes to sing, and what adornments to add in.
  3. Take risks. The most famous singers weren't afraid to do things that would draw attention and create controversy. They always manage to leave people wondering what they'll do next.
  4. Become a publicity hound. Eat, breathe, and sleep attention. Look for photo ops. Speak up. Swipe up any chance to shake up the spotlight. Make yourself known.
  5. Find the connections. Be in the places where big musicians/producers meet (clubs, dance halls)and act like you're part of the industry even if they don't know who you are.
  6. Learn about music industry business to not get fooled.
  7. Practice. Remember that practice makes perfect (and FAMOUS!).
  8. Expose yourself as much as you can. Sing in every opportunity you get. But make sure you are truly good enough to become famous. Don't try so hard. Just be who you are, and who are you? A singing sensation! Always follow your dreams!
  • You don't necessarily need to be a pretty singer-- Just be who you are.
  • Be a role model for younger kids if you're ages 12-16. They want to know what's right and what is wrong. They also want to know what's appropriate to wear and what's not good to wear. Plus, it sometimes will make adults realize why their kids shouldn't listen/watch someone.
  • If you want to dress "shockingly" (i.e. Marilyn Manson) prepare yourself for rude comments. When you feel good where it out be in your one world. If you're not ready to do something like that, be a little more poppy and tween and remember always stay true to yourself, don't dress in a certain way thinking you'll get more fans.
  • Be nice to your fans. They are the reason that you're successful, so make sure you're polite and friendly.
  • Don't pay to much attention on what people think. People who are mean, are probably jealous.

You can become a famous singer like this: contact lots of super stars at this .com to find their numbers then you call and sing in for a message say ur name number and were you are from and tell what song you are doing and who it is by. next you wait for a call back and maybey you will get luck =) ok if they say you are good and they can hook you up just follow what they say!

OR you can go like Justin Bieber and put videos on a website like or MySpace, like Gypsy and the Cat, and or make your own website put put them of you singing, dancing, acting or singing and if you get lucky you can and up living the dream

Easy! If you know you are a great singer, try going to a recording studio near your hometown or city. You can have a shot! But if you think you're not good, and you still want to be famous, try getting singing lessons. Then you can record, and make millions! or if you are good and you dont have time to go to a studio just go to these websites or .

To become a famous singer you must practise,try to enter lots of competitions,buy a practise CD and try your hardest.I learnt this in a matter of days!

2014-02-28 18:30:22
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