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I've found the easiest and most effective way to break-up with someone is to be honest but not purpously hurtful about the reason you are no longer able to be in a relationship. Good luck.

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Q: What is the easiest way to break up with someone?
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What is guitar break up?

Guitar break up is when you are looking for a way to break up with someone and then googles random stuff concerning break up.

How do you get over a break up fast?

The quickist way to get over a break-up is try to find someone new.

How do you hurt someone you love?

The one possible way to do this is break up .But you should not hurt someone you love. If you hurt them ,you will also get hurt.

How do you break up with the person you love?

Why would you break up with them if you love them ? But anyway, just leave a note is the easiest . Answer If you love someone why would you break up with that person other than you just can't get along or something but if you love them enough you will work it out. A note might be the easiest way for you but it is the cowards way out. If you love this person the very least you can do is to talk to them in person and offer at least some closure on the relationship. It is terribly hurtful to end a relationship without some kind of explanation to that person.

How do I break up with a boy I have been going out with for 2 years I love someone else?

Break it to him gently and face to face. Any other way would just be wrong. Tell him that you think maybe the two of you should take a break for a while and see other people. I know this sounds harsh , but it really is the easiest way to do the enevitable in this situation.

What is the easiest way to break a wheelchair?

That is easy just BLOW it up (lol) or........ Hit with a metal baseball bat tons of times.

What is the best way to break up with someone?

There isn't really a good way to break up with someone. Its pretty much going to suck but there are better ways to break up with someone. If you aren't that involved with them, end it early and just tell them you want to be friends. If you are involved with them, do it like a band-aid. Quickly. Don't lead them on. But don't be mean..there's a difference. hope this helped....

Easiest way to level up a Pokemon?

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What is the easiest way to get out of an relationship?

There is no "easy" way; someone is bound to get hurt. It's best to do it honestly. If you're not interested in the person anymore, do not lead them on. Just explain that you want to break up or that your feelings have changed. Don't give that person false hope if you have no intentions of following through. For example, if you don't want to talk to that person again, don't say, "We can still be friends!" or "Maybe we can work it out & try again." If you want to break up, JUST break up.

What is the nicest way to break up with someone you're dating?

Breaking up a relationship is hard for both people. There is love and other feelings involved and the breakup can be sad or ugly.

What is the nicest way to break up with someone?

The nicest way to break up with a person is to be honest with them. You do not have to go into great detail, but perhaps tell them it is not their fault and you need time to be unattached right now (head space.)

What do you do when you love someone who loves you back but they already have someone?

Well, if they already have someone then they may not love you. The only way to see if they love you is if they break up. Who knows?

How can I break up with someone?

Breaking up with someone is hard for both people and feelings will get hurt. You can phone them or talk to them in person.

How do you break up with someone that you have been with for over two years?

dont answer hs calls and find a way to tell him

Should you go out with someone that break up with someone you know?


Is it ok to break up with someone over the phone?

well its better to break up with them face- face but if you feel they are violent or good hurt you then talking over the phone is the best way but not texting :)

What do you do when you want to break up with someone your not in love with anymore and don't find them attractive anymore?

Its always hard to break up with someone. Its hard to tell your feelings with someone especially if you do sort of care about that someone but don't know what to do because you do not want to carry on with this relationship. But there is no way for someone to tell you how to do that. You should go on your instinct and trust yourself. There is no correct answer for this.

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How hard is it to break up with someone?

It could be very difficult to break up with someone or it could be very hard to breakup with someone. It depends on the situation and the person or people involved.

What is the worst way to break up with your girlfriend?

Dumping her over the computer or through text messages are some of the worst ways to break up with a girl. Sending someone else to do it is also pretty bad.

How do you get your friend to break up with her boyfriend?

You cannot get someone to break up with their boyfriend/girlfriend, they will do it if and when they are ready. why would you want her to break up with her boyfriend anyway?

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How can you get someone to break up?

to sabitaja their relationship

How to not break up?

you can go out with someone else

What does it mean when she said the feeling is mutual?

Usaully depending on what context its used in, it means both feel the same way about it like when you ask someone did you break up with them? or did they break up with you? and they say it was mutual that means they both felt the same way about it an broke up with each other.