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From under the hood, recover the refrigerant and disconnect battery, remove the drier, two ac line connections to evaporator core, two heater hoses from heater core, vacuum line that goes to firewall and evaporator case nuts at firewall. From the inside of the car, remove center console, center the steering wheel, lock steering and remove steering column assembly. Remove pillar trim, kick panels, defrost trim, remove bolts along the top and sides of dash, disconnect any vacuum lines that go from the ac controls to the evaporator case, unplug any electrical connectors that prevent the right side of the dash from being swung over to allow access of the evaporator case. Use a tie down strap to secure the dash out of the way if needed while accessing the evaporator case. There is a picture of a Mustang with the dash removed at in the Tech Artice How To section. Remove the evaporator case from the vehicle and replace the evaporator, put two ounces of refigerant oil directly into the replacement evaporator. Reverse removal procedures, evacuate and recharge system.

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Q: What is the easiest way to replace the evaporator core in a 1995 Mustang GT?
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