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Snails are herbivores but have been known to eat other snails in certain circumstances. They live in dark places, and are preyed on by larger animals, such as birds.

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What is the ecological niche of the garden snail?

To Be A bOsS

What is the ecological niche of a wood lice?

an ecological niche for an wood lice is

What is the ecological niche of an earthworm?

The ecological niche for an earthworm is decomposing the soil.

What is the ecological niche of an bee?

The ecological niche of a bee is the earth or sex

What is skunks ecological niche?

The ecological niche of skunks is their smell, it is a stereotype.

What is the ecological niche of a moose?

the ecological niche of a moose would be to eat grass

What is a cockatoo's ecological niche?


What is a ecological niche?

An ecological niche is an organism's mode of life; it is the sub of its adaptations. (You could think about it as the organism's "profession".)

What is an Organism's way of life in an ecosystem?

Niche or Ecological Niche

What is a slaters ecological niche?

the slaters ecological niche is living in oceans mostly and in damp places eating vrabs shrimps

What are three parts of an organisms ecological niche?

The three parts of an organism's ecological niche are Food, Abiotic Conditions, and Behavior.

What is a mammals ecological niche?

Mammals fill many ecological niches.

Explain the ecological concept of a niche?

A niche is an organism's role in its environment.

What is the ecological niche of an snake?


What is the ecological niche of lemna?

Lemna minor's ecological niche is primarily a photosynthesizer and producer. It grows in a thick blanket on top of ponds.

What is the ecological niche for a deer?

The ecological niche for a deer is that it lives in a forest its a herbivore middle of the food chain and a prey to large carnivores

What are the three aspects of ecological niche?

spatial or habitat niche, trophic niche, and hyper volume or multidimensional niche.

What is the niche of a freshwater snail?


What is the niche of a moth?

The most important ecological niche of a moth is in pollination of plants.

What is a hawks ecological niche?


What is the cone snail's ecological niche?


What is a chimpanzees ecological niche?

Planet Earth

Does zebras and giraffes have the same ecological niche?


What is the ecological niche of a lion?

predator, carnivore

What is the ecological niche of rats?

Rats are scavengers.

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