What is the edible food element in dynamite?

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Peanut oil is sometimes used in the manufacturing of nitroglycerin.
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Is food edible?

Edible means - fit to be eaten. The edibility of food is dependent on such things as: how it was cooked, freshness, etc.

What element is in dynamite?

Dynamite is a type of explosive made of an absorbent material (Like clay) soaked in a very explosive substance called nitroglycerin. Finely powdered rock is added as well. The

What elements are in dynamite?

•Hydrogen 2. •Oxygen6. •Nitrogen. •Nobelium= 2/3. •Ch=ION=3. •C6 H2 (NO2)3CH3).

Why is food edible?

Food consists of edible substances, by definition . Things that are not edible are not considered food.