What is the edible ingredient of dynamite?

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Who invented dynamite?

Dynamite was invented in Geesthacht, Germany in 1866 (patented in1867) by Swedish chemist Alfred Nobel. His invention was intended to be a safer way to use nitroglycerinbut it caused many accidental deaths and also came to be used inwar, so Nobel decided to make his legacy a positive one. When hedi ( Full Answer )

What is dynamite used for?

dynamite is used for blowing things unwanted up. if its put in the wrong hands it can be very dangerous.

What is in dynamite?

Dynamite is some sort of filler that's been soaked in nitroglycerin, then packed into a tube for use. Nobel used sawdust as his filler, but you can use just about anything that will soak up liquid.

What is dynamite?

Dynamite is an explosive used for blasting and demolition. As invented by chemist Alfred Nobel in 1866, dynamite is the unstable compound nitroglycerin that is mixed with an inert filler to make it safer to transport and handle. Originally the filler was diatomite or sawdust, but various compounds ( Full Answer )

How can you get dynamite?

You first get a federal explosives license. You will need to prove three things: that you are a good person, that you need the license for professional reasons, and that you have a safe, secure place to store your explosives before you use them. After you have this, you contact an explosives supplie ( Full Answer )

What element is in dynamite?

Dynamite is a type of explosive made of an absorbent material (Like clay) soaked in a very explosive substance called nitroglycerin. Finely powdered rock is added as well. The whole thing is packed tightly into a cylinder and wrapped with paper. It's much more reactive than TNT but becomes more unst ( Full Answer )

Why was dynamite made?

it was created because nitroglycerine, its predecessor, was too unstable and had destroyed a lot of stuff. for example, it was brought to mines and work sites by train, but more often than not the stuff blew the train up. dynamite is basically nitroglycerine mixed with diatomaceous earth (soil made ( Full Answer )

What is edible?

"Edible" can be used as an adjective OR as a noun in a sentence. When used as an adjective, "edible" is defined as something that isfit to be eaten; esculent, eatable. I am not convinced that that is edible road kill. (Adjective usage) When used as a noun, "edible" is defined as an edible substanc ( Full Answer )

What do you use dynamite for?

Dynamite A slow detonating explosive with a great deal of force. Excellant for blasting, quarying or other earth - rock moving effects.

When was dynamite sold?

Just after it was realeased, dynamite exploded in the market just shy of 2 months after it s relaese.

What are the dynamite laws?

It is still possible to use dynamite. However, you would need aBATFE explosive license due to laws. This would require you show alegitimate need for explosives.

How was dynamite invented?

it was made by Alfred Nobel who made dynamite, it was made out ofdead earth and nitroglycerin. they were both mixed and ignited by ashock made by the blasting cap, which was also invented by Alfred

How was dynamite made?

Dynamite was invented by Alfred Nobel (of the eponymous Nobel Prizes ) in 1867. Early dynamite was made by mixing the explosive liquid nitroglycerin into an absorbent compound, such as diatomaceous earth. It was then wrapped in paper to make sticks, which were detonated by a blasting cap inserte ( Full Answer )

How has dynamite evolved?

The first real explosive was Nitroglycerin. It was far too dangerous for stationary use. A much safer explosive called dynamite. This includes nitroglycerin and wood pulp. That's about it . Surely gunpowder was they first commonly available explosive? Nitroglycerin came several hundred years la ( Full Answer )

What is the main ingredient of dynamite?

The main ingredient in dynamite is an oily, explosive liquid callednitroglycerine, or trinitroglycerine. Early dynamites actually usedpeanuts as an ingredient, as peanut oil was a source of glycerol.

What are the ingredients in dynamite?

Dynamite is some sort of filler that's been soaked in nitroglycerin, then packed into a tube for use. Nobel used diatomaceous earth as his filler, but you can use just about anything that will soak up liquid. nitro-glycerine Nitroglycerin (a liquid) is the active component, mixed with diatomaceous ( Full Answer )

What are ingredients?

Ingredients are the individual food items that are combined in a recipe, such as a dish, cake, or sauce. They are usually prepared or added together in specific ways, and in a specific order, to ensure a good result. Ingredients make up a food or similar combination of items. Recipes tell how to c ( Full Answer )

Where is the dynamite in Poptropica?

The dynamite is on the Chinese course. The Chinese course is straight down from the LAB on your compass. To find it, go all the way right. You will see it on a brick. It is down on the bottom of to the right!

What materials are in dynamite?

Original, it was nitroglycerin packed in sawdust. This was because it was to unstable. This made it safer to use. Now, potassium nitrate of ammonium nitrate are used more commonly, because they are even more stable.

What food item is an ingredient in dynamite?

Peanuts are sometimes used in dynamite, in the form of peanut oil. Some manufacturers use it to make glycerol, which is an ingredientof nitroglycerine, although it is not an essential ingredient.Glycerol can be made without peanut oil as well.

Who is Napoleon Dynamite?

Napoleon Dynamite is character in the movie "Napoleon Dynamite". He is a nerd who gets bullied at school, and when his grandma is in the hospital, his uncle Rico comes to watch him and his computer geek brother. When his uncle is there, Napoleon makes two new friends (Pedro and Deb) and he helps Ped ( Full Answer )

What are Dynamites uses?

Dynamites uses are to explode or burst a building or a tower. . some people also sometimes use it in mines to look for gold!

Why is dynamite important?

If you've ever been to Wisconsin, or someplace with a lot of rocky Hills, you'd notice that they have roads going through rock hills. Those aren't separated naturally, so they need Dynamite to get certain objects out of the way :)

Who developed the dynamite?

Alfred Nobel invented dynamite. He owned Boforsa, a major armaments manufacturer. He willed his enormous fortune to institute the Nobel Prizes.

What is dynamite for?

Dynamite is used in mining to blow apart walls and whatnot. It saves time digging with a shovel. People that do this in the mines are called shotfirers.

What ingredients do you need for an edible plant cell?

What ingredients you use to make an edible plant cell depends onwhat is easiest for you. You can use a cookie for the plant cell.You can then use different types of candy for the parts. You mightalso want to use Rice Krispie Treats with icing for the otherparts.

Where is the dynamite on Poptropica?

Explosives on Poptropica Time Tangled Island : the gunpowder is at the Great Wall of China (1593 AD, 6 o'clock on the time device) Nabooti Island : the explosives in the Diamond Mine are to the left of the elevator. (Turn off the spaking switch to move, and back on to set the explosive off.) ( Full Answer )

Who inventor of dynamite?

Alfred Nobel (yes as in the Nobel Prize) a Swedish chemist invented dynamite in 1886 and registered the patent in 1897.

Are peanuts one of the ingredients in dynamite?

True Enough- Peanut oil can be processed to produce glycerol, which can be used to make nitroglycerin, one of the constituents of dynamite. However, there are other processes that can be used to make dynamite without using peanuts at all.

Where can you get dynamite ingredients?

Dynamite ingredients include nitroglycerin, diatomaceous earth and tubes--usually waxed paper tubes--to hold the explosive. The nitro must be made at the dynamite factory; it's illegal to ship it as it's so dangerous. Diatomaceous earth is easy--you can get that at a swimming pool store because they ( Full Answer )

How does a dynamite work?

Dynamite was originally made by soaking diatomaceous earth (aka kieselgur/kieselguhr), sawdust, or some other absorbent material with nitroglycerin. More recent formulations are based on dissolving the NG in nitrocellulose with some ketone. The chemical formula for nitroglycerin (NG) is C 3 H 5 N 3 ( Full Answer )

On Poptropica were is the dynamite?

You put the dynamite by the rocks after you have a line of gas by the rocks. Then you push the dynamite toward the rock and you turn on the elevator. After that your dynamite blows up the rocks.

What are the ingriedents of dynamite?

No one simple answer. Originally, Dynamite was nitroglycerin soaked into an absorbent material- usually kieselguhr, a type of diatomecious earth. It is now a very complex material, with several different formulations, depending on the intended use. Military dynamite contains an explosive (RDX) and a ( Full Answer )

Is dynamite an adjective?

The word dynamite is a noun and a verb which is sometimes used as an adjective in informal language. Example uses: Noun: We keep the dynamite is a separate concrete bunker for safety. Verb: They had to dynamite the rock to put a road through. Adjective (informal): That new restaurant ha ( Full Answer )

Is ntrogen in dynamite?

Yes. Nitrogen is in dynamite. The explosive ingredient in dynamite is Nitroglycerine. The glycerine molecule comes from fat, either vegetable or animal. It makes jello jell. When a nitric oxide molecule is added, it becomes nitroglycerine. It can be used as an explosive or a heart medicine. To turn ( Full Answer )

What are antonyms of dynamite?

As a noun, there are no antonyms for the word dynamite. As an adjective, some antonyms for dynamite are dull or uninteresting.

Who devised the dynamite?

Dynamite was invented by none other than Alfred Nobel, who used the resulting profits to create the Nobel Prize.

What are the ingredient of dynamite?

Nitroglycerin (a liquid) is the active component, mixed with diatomaceous earth to form a plastic wad. (Hence the name dynamite)

What are the ingredients of the dynamite?

In the simplest sense, dynamite is diatomaceous earth soaked with nitroglycerine, until it looks like wet brown sugar. It is packed into waxed red cardboard tubes, sealed, and labeled as to what it is - that's dynamite.

How does dynamite explod?

Dynamite works by burning very quickly, generating a lot of...well, I guess you'd call it smoke. The expansion of this smoke does the dynamite's work.

What does dynamite stand for?

Dynamite was the name chosen by Alfred Nobel for his creation- an explosive made by soaking nitrogycerin into an aborbent type of earth. This was MUCH safer to transport and use than pure nitroglycerin. The name was chosen to portray energy- kind of catchy, huh?

What is a ingrediant?

it is a peice of something that you put lots of and different of them to make something like a cake aka. 1. add the flour 2 addd the eggs ... thats a ingredient aka . flour is a ingrdient i hope i helped ... dudekelly

What is the nationality of dynamite?

Hmm. That's an interesting question. You could say that it isSwedish because its inventor (Alfred Nobel) was Swedish, or youcould say it is German because that is where the first dynamite wasdeveloped... or you could say that each stick of dynamite has anationality based on where it was manufactured ( Full Answer )

What is a dynamite poem?

A dynamite poem would just be a poem about dynamite. You might bethinking of a Diamante (diamond) poem. This is the structure of a Diamante poem: . Diamantes are seven lines long. . The first and last lines have just one word. The second and sixth lines have two words. The third and fifth lines ( Full Answer )

Do you capitalize dynamite?

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