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What is the effect after getting high off of marijuana?

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you usually get a hangover not quite like a alcohol hangover but like it. you just feel useless and really bored but sometimes if you sleep it off you don't get it. it also ruins some of your brain cells but you don't get stupid unless you smoke alot all the time. if you are a teenager you can also raise your chances of getting skiztophrenea by 40% which causes paranoia.


i would like to offer a rebuttal to this ^ persons answer

much they say is false proven by science please do not believe this 30 year old Propaganda

(you usually get a hangover not quite like a alcohol hangover but like it.) this is not quite correct you may get sleepy or bored if you sit around doing nothing same as if you were sober

(it also ruins some of your brain cells but you don't get stupid unless you smoke alot all the time.) complete lie, the experiment that says marijuana kills brain cells was done completely wrong. the experiment was pumping the equivalent of 60 Columbian joints into a monkeys cage in 15 mins. now tell me that the monkey had enough oxygen to continue living without damaging brain cells. if anyone in the world could smoke 60 joints in 15 mins there would indeed be damaged brain cells but not from the marijuana, it would of course be because of lack of oxygen.

(if you are a teenager you can also raise your chances of getting skiztophrenea by 40% which causes paranoia.) there is a small amount of truth to this

the truth is that if you are predisposed to schizophrenia smoking marijuana could trigger it, but would not cause schizophrenia in ppl who do not have a history of it or family with schizophrenia

the biggest risk in smoking marijuana is the combustion of the plant material that creates smoke it does not matter what type of plant inhaling smoke of any kind is bad for you

whoever wrote this before me i would like to ask you to stop spreading blatant lies used 30 years ago for propaganda,which all or almost all of have been dis-proven

thank you for reading this


The after effects of cannabis is a very calm relaxed feeling, it's the type of drug you want to do before you go to bed. Going to bed fully high makes me fall asleep much quicker, and waking up after a night of being high feels incredible. Feels like I got a good nights rest. By the way, the person who wrote the first answer is a complete moron who's spreading nothing but government propaganda lies that have been in place since the days of Ronald Reagan. Universities are constantly debunking these lies they've been spreading, because it's just that.....a lie.

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What is another name for marijuana high?

a usual term is "getting stoned"Others are:Getting bakedGetting toastedGetting rightGetting off

How high can you get off marijuana?


How long do the withdrawal symptoms from getting off marijuana?

There is absolutely no withdrawals from stopping the use of Marijuana.

What are the effects of being high off marijuana?


What do mice do when they get high off marijuana?

become kevonormous

Does smoking potpourri make you not get high off of weed?

Yes if you build up a tolerance to it, you can kiss marijuana ever getting you high again. Unless you go on a little tolerance break.

How can you tell when someone is using marijuana?

Urine Analysis, Hair tests, Spinal tap, and checking for dilation of the pupils are a few ways.Your pupils DO NOT dilate from getting high off marijuana. However your eyes will become red.

How do you come down a marijuana high?

what you have to do is you just rest....if you rest you will be fine and come down off a marijuana high and if you eat and drink a lot it should help.

What does ''get smacked''mean?

it means that you are under the influence of marijuana or high off of it

How can you stop the effects of your high on marijuana?

You can't. They have to wear off. Try going to sleep.

Can getting high off nutmeg kill you?

You will probably get very sick after getting high, it is a very miserable experience to get high off nutmeg. Also there is a chance you could die. Getting high off nutmeg is really dumb. The oil in the nutmeg that gets you high can kill you if you eat to much of it. Don't get high off nutmeg because you will regret it. You will get sick and could possibly die.

How do you get high off of marijuana?

The chemicals in the smoke from the marijuana are absorbed into the bloodstream through the lungs. They travel through the bloodstream, and cross through the blood-brain barrier. The chemicals, one being THC, then begin entering neural receptors, specifically cannabinoid receptors. It then begins to have an effect on mood and cognition.

How do you get high off of catnip?

You can't. Catnip has no psychoactive effect on humans. It is not a drug and it will not get you high.

How does marijuana effect you spiritually?

depends how much u smoke n what strain........lay off a bit bong head

Home remedys to sober up off marijuana?

Eat as much as you can. And then try to sleep it off. Even if you can't sleep, eating will kill most of the effect

How can you the people off the US get marijuana legalized?

By getting off our asses and telling the government we've had enough of there absurd laws meant "to look after us".

How do you get the munchies?

Generally, people get "the munchies" after becoming high off of marijuana. It is when people start eating constantly because the high make them become hungry.

Can you smoke weed seeds?

Yes, but they have no THC (the main inebriant in marijuana) meaning that one would not get 'high' off of them.

Will it harm a frog or a toad if you get it high off of marijuana?

I've never tried it. I was also thinking about this question today.

Can you smoke marijuana with a black eye?

There is nothing in marijuana that would effect the black eye in anyway, although it might serve as a minor pain relief and help you take your mind off it. In short, it is safe.

How do you come off clean on marijuana test?

you don't do marijuana

Can you get hi off of expos legally?

Getting high off of Expo markers is illegal.

How do you get high off of marijuana seeds?

You cannot get high off of marijuana seeds. They have no THC to get out of them. Unless you germinate it, then put it in potting soil under a light for 17 hours a day then in a couple of months you will be able to tell if it is a female (you need a femal to get buds) then harvest and yes you will be able to get high from a seed (that turned into a plant. grow em and yea but just the seeds no

How do you rid your effects of marijuana for a male teen?

Just have to wait for it to wear off. It sucks that you bugged out and ruined the high for yourself.

Does high school student get kick out off school because smoke marijuana?

No , Most Likely You Will Be Sent To A Alternative School .

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