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Upon heating, vegetable oil will first become less viscous (less thick and more runny) as it is heated, and eventually, if heated hot enough it will smoke and then burn.


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No, you will severly damage your hair! Vegetable oil is made to intensify heat while cooking, so if anything it helps heat damage your hair.

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Olive oil holds heat better than vegetable oil. However, all types of cooking oils are susceptible to heat damage if they are left on a burner for too long.

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Yes; that is how we fry food.

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No, it would effect the chemistry of the oil.

The Vegetable oil will stay on top of the soy sauce because it is lighter.I know because I tried.

Yes, it does if the heat is high enough.

Yes, olive oil is a vegetable oil.

Definitely NOT vegetable oil because we heat it all the time and it hasn't set on fire.

There are several different types of cooking oil, but the specific heat of vegetable oil is approximately 1.7 joules/g/degree. Compare this to the specific heat of water which is 4.184 joules/g/degree.

Vegetable oil is made from vegetable seeds.

i did vegetable oil is made from soybean oil.

The density of vegetable oil is not consistent. Some brands of vegetable oil are much more dense than other brands of vegetable oil.

Yes, Crisco oil is a vegetable oil.

There should not be any animal fats in vegetable oil, as that is exactly what it is: vegetable oil.

Specific heat is defined as the quantity of heat required to raise the temperature by one degree Celsius . The Specific heat of vegetable oil is 2.0 J/g degree Celsius at 25 degree C.

If you push it too far. Yes, vegetable oil, olive oil, peanut oil, canola oil, lard and shortening can turn or go 'bad' and produce an off odor and taste to food. If it goes cloudy then it will not effect the taste when cooked.

It depends on the type of vegetable oil.

Yes, Vegetable Oil is covalent

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