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Q: What is the elf gender?
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If a male ELF is called an Elf what is a female ELF called?

Well, it depends on whether a writer or basically anyone is trying to tell specifically the gender. For example, you might say she-elf or he-elf. Sometimes you say elfess and elfon (or something). So you're right, but it depends on particularly if you want to show the gender.

How can you write an elf?

You can write to an elf at:ÁlfaskólinnIcelandic Elf SchoolReykjavíkIceland

What is analogy of elf?


What is a type of elf?

"the Wood Elf", or if you like Warcraft, "the Night Elf"

A type of elf?

Small!Dark ElfLight ElfWelfRiver Elf --- MorganBurrowing Elf -- DroversForest Elf --- several types

My elf is not a Elf on the Shelf it has striped legs and striped arms what kind is it?

Elf on a Shelf is a popular holiday tradition. Other elves are just elves. Your elf may be an assistant to the Elf on a Shelf elf.

When is your elf on the shelves birthday?

what is my elf on the shelves birthday. His name is Buddy The Elf

Is a elf a human?

no. it's an elf.

Is there such thing as a elf?

no there is no such thing as a elf

What is the singular possessive noun of elf?

The singular possessive form for the noun elf is elf's.Example: The elf's cookies are very good.

Do elf on the shelf die?

No The Elf On The Shelf does not die. Elf's are a special creature. As soon as Santa brings that elf into his workshop, the elf gets it's magic. The Elf On The Shelf is one of those elves. He will never die in you life.

Who is Santas head elf?

Santa has 5 head elf's that change every year so there is no 1 head elf of Santa, so scientists are not sure of which elf is the head elf.