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Q: What is the energy transformation of biomass?
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How is the energy from biomass released?

Energy from biomass is released by combustion.

How much does biomass energy?

Biomass energy produces 3% of the worlds energy

What counties use biomass energy?

no one uses biomass energy

Where is biomass energy used now?

Biomass energy is widely used. One state that uses biomass is Oregon.

What is the energy flow and the biomass in the taiga ecosystem?

fast energy flow in the biomass

Is biomass energy available everywhere?

biomass energy is located everywhere on this planet!

Can energy change from one kind to another?

The answers is yes. Biomass energy is a renewable resource. It is mainly derived from organic materials that are of animal origin, plant and fungal infections. Various techniques exist for their use by anaerobic digestion, biogas we can get. Biomass renewable energy can also become a source of energy after combustion or obtain biofuel following chemical transformation

Is coal biomass?

It is a biomass becauseit is burned for energy.

Two ways to release biomass energy?

if u burn Biomass it will turn into energy

The energy in biomass is used to make electricity how is the energy stored in biomass?

chemical bonds

Is any energy transformation energy is?

In any energy transformation energy is preserved.

Describe two ways to release biomass energy?

Two ways to relase biomass energy is to burn biomass energy that is the most common way. Another way is, biomass can also be changed into liquid fuel.