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Q: What is the etiology of dengue?
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What is the etiology of pseudomonas?

Pseudomonas is a bacterium. It doesn't have an etiology; it is an etiology. It can cause skin infections, UTIs, and other illnesses.

What is etiology?

Etiology is what causes a disease or how it occurs based on studies

What is the Etiology of Staphylococcus?

Staphylococcus is a bacterium. It doesn't have an etiology, it is an etiology for infections including boils, folliculitis, some UTIs, and impetigo.

What does of uncertain etiology mean?

Uncertain etiology means the cause is unknown.

How do you spell etiology?

That is the correct spelling of "etiology" (study of causation, or especially disease causes).

Meaning of infective etiology in chest x ray?

Infective etiology (or infectious etiology) in chest x-ray is an detailed examination of how the disease has spread in the patient's chest.

What is common Etiology?

Etiology refers to the course of a disease. What that means is that it is the history of the progression and development of it. Some conditions have a common etiology because they develop the same way. For example, a cold and a flu; they start out the same, but then change their etiology once they develop more.

How do you use the word etiology in a sentence?

The etiology of many diseases such as the cancer is still being researched.

What is the meaning criminal etiology?

Etiology is the study of the cause, reason or origin of something. In this case criminality.

The cause of a certain disease is its what?

etiology is the study of the origin of diseases.

What is the name of dengue virus?

It is called dengue virus.

What is a etiology?

Pan sinusitis