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There is no Hebrew word that specifically means "pastor".

The Hebrew word komehr (כומר) refers to any type of Christian clergy, from any religion. It can mean catholic priest, pastor, minister, parson, reverend, or vicar.

In biblical Hebrew, it refers to pagan clergymen, but it modern Hebrew, it refers to any non-Jewish clergy.

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Pastor is the Latin word for shepherd, from the past participle of pascere, to graze, feed. The Indo-European root is *pa-, to graze, protect.

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Q: What is the etmylogy of the word pastor?
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What is the Swahili word for pastor?

The Swahili word for pastor is "mchungaji."

What is the German word for pastor?

Pastor is the Latin word for "shepherd" (or "goatherd", or any other kind of herdsman).

Is pastor a word?

Yes, the word pastor is a singular, common, abstract noun; a word for a clergy person, a person in charge of a Christian congregation or church. The word pastor is also a verb for performing the duties of a pastor.

What does the word pastor mean according to the bible?

The word pastor comes from the Latin word meaning 'shepherd.'

What is the urdu word for pastor?

pastor mean (paadri) in urdu.

Is Pastor Hanks a compound word?

Yes, "Pastor Hanks" is a compound word made up of two separate words, "Pastor" and "Hanks," joined together to form one word.

What is the plural possessive of the word Pastor?

The plural possessive form of "pastor" is "pastors'."

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When you type a pastor's name do you put a comma behind the word pastor?


What is Another word for provisional pastor?

Interim Pastor: A Minister who is placed in charge of a congregation while the congregation is looking for a successor to the previous permanent pastor. An Interim Pastor is not ethically considered eligible to take the Permanent Pastor position.

What is the meaning of the word El Pastor?

The shepherd. The shepherd is the leader minister or preach of a flock of sheep....a group of Christian believers. Pastor comes from the word pastoral.

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