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'The wind is a torrent of darkness among the gusty trees,

The moon is a ghostly galleon tossed upon cloudy seas,

The road is a ribbon of moonlight, over the purple moon,

And the highway man came riding-


The highway man came riding, up to the old inn-door.'

Verse 1 - The Highwayman - Alfred Noyes

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Q: What is the example poem of metaphor?
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Metaphor in a poem?

its when you write an unbeliveable story( example: it was raining cats and dogs) that is a metaphor.

What is an example of an extended metaphor poem?

mending wall

What is an example of metaphor in Miracles by Walt Whitman?

The poem itself is a metaphor. It doesn't have any specific ones in it. He is basically saying that the world is a miracle, which is a metaphor that covers the whole poem.

What is a extended metaphor example?

Depends on the type of poem for the example. It is metaphore that continues on for 2 or more lines in any type of poem.

An example of a published metaphor poem?

That robot is like a piece of metal

Is their a metaphor in the poem hound?

"Life the hound" is a metaphor in this poem.

Where is one example of a metaphor in the poem the highwayman?

"The road was a ribbon of moonlight" (On the third line)

What are the metaphor in the poem brook?

metaphor is a comparing word

Is there any alliteration in the poem dreams by Langston hughes?

There is an example of alliteration in the poem dreams by Langston Hughes. It can found in line 2, "for if dreams die". Other writing devices that are utilizedin this poem are rhyme, repitition, and metaphor (extended metaphor as well).

What is a metaphor for a Acrostic poem on summer?

An example of an Acrostic Poem on Summer could be... Sacred Unique Magical Mysterious Everlasting Rejuvenating A metaphor on the summer could be.. Summer is like a river, flowing gently and peacefully.

How metaphor is used in the poem Thickness of ice?

the poem is a metaphor, well that's what my English teacher told me

What is the metaphor in the road not taken?

The metaphor in this poem is an extended metaphor of conformity vs the individual. Throughout the poem the composer uses the two paths as a metaphor to take the path of conformity and to the path of the individual

What is the metaphor in the poem My Papa's Waltz?

The metaphor is the waltzing. The father waltzing with the boy is a metaphor for one of at least two things, depending on how you interpret the poem. Waltzing could be a metaphor for playful roughhousing. Or, it could be a metaphor for an abusive beating.

What is a poem with 4 stanzas a personification and a metaphor in each?

a poem

Where is metaphor used in poem mirror by Sylvia Plath?

lake is a metaphor...............

What is an example of a Haiku poem with a metaphor?

here: I am just a goose Waiting for fall to arrive So i can spread wings

How do you write a poem where the metaphor is evident?

You must find a simple metaphor to use.

What is a metaphor in poems?

A metaphor in a poem is comparing two opposite "things" not using like or as. Example- My computer is garbage. If you used like or as (My computer is like a pile of garbage) That would be a simile.

How do you write an extended metaphor poem?

You use metaphors to decipher the poem. A metaphor is a comparison of two (like or unlike) things using only "is" to connect them. For example: "Love is a fire, burning bright." or "Night is quiet I desire and need." An extended metaphor poem takes a metaphor and compares it throughout the poem, like: "This night is the comfort, Of a hug from mother to child. It is the warmth and security, Of love and compassion so tender. This night is the nightmare, The one that started it all. It is what I fear most, And the only thing I find serenity in."

What affect does an exaggerated metaphor have in a poem?

An exaggerated metaphor can be used in a poem to create an extremely strong image. Their is no mistaking what the author is writing about in such a case.

What is the extended metaphor in the poem your Father as a Guitar by Martin Espada?

The extended metaphor in the poem Your Father as a Guitar by Martin Espada would be the father as the guitar, as stated in the poem. An extended metaphor is a literary device that is used to compare two or more things for the entirety of a work - such as a poem, play, or novel.

How long does a metaphor poem have to be?

three lines

What is the first poem in where the sidewalk ends?

its a metaphor

What is the metaphor in the poem dwell in possibility?


What is the extended metaphor in a poem?

1 gallon