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Yes, excercise strengthens the muscles that play vital role in over all sex. UK's National Health Authorities strongly encourgae sex as an alternative to excercise which they call sexcercise. As many muscles are being used in sexual intercourse, indluding that of perineal area, with improved muscle strength and resistance the sex improves too. If you are doing sex in a doggy position and your back and thigh muscles are weak you will not be able to enjoy it for a longer time and in the same time with your sexual moves you will become tired soon and ejaculate early. Excercise improves sex and sex can be used as excercise too, so excercise in sex is your sexercise and excerise for improved sex is fun.

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There is no exercise that can make you sexually strong but there is steps.

1 get comfortable with yourself naked infrot of an object such as stuffed animal or pillow

2 masturbate the object and while your masturbating talk to it or stare at one part of it.

3 after your don't masturbating, keep the object over your penis and talk to it some more.

Trust me this works. Follow the 3 steps and you will be ready to have strong sex

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Q: What is the exercise to make a man strong sexually?
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