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What is the conclusion to elephant toothpaste?

This is not an investigation, so it doesn't have a conclusion. Here you are doing a chemical reaction to produce a visual result. An investigation is an experiment or set of experiments designed to find something out, which is what we call the conclusion. To put it another way, the conclusion is what we decide as a consequence of what we discover in the experiment.

The way an experiment is carried out?


Why is a dependent variable important?

The reason why it is important is because if you don't measure the experiment then there is no way you will find out your conclusion

Why is it important for scientist to state a conclution?

It's important so people can understand what has happened in the experiment, a conclusion is a formal way of basically saying what happened.

What is the fairest way to cut a cake for 6 people?

Into six equal wedges.

What is a conclusion for a science project?

A Conclusion is the opinion formed after reviewing the evidence of your experiment. Conclusion also means the results of your hypothesis. ex: My hypothesis is most people drive a mini van than a jeep. My conclusion is most people drive a jeep than a mini van. so it's kind of the answer to your hypothesis but not all the way through though.

What is the scientfic method?

what is the scientfic methodThe Scientific Method is a way that scientists use questions and predictions about an experiment. For example, if i wanted to see what air does underwater first i would make a Problem or the question. Next is the Hypothesis which is the prediction. Then the Experiment which is the test to actually do it. Then the conclusion where you share and write down what you learned from the experiment.

What is the correct spelling for conclusion?

The way you just spelled it: conclusion!

What comes first when doing an experiment forming a hypothesis asking a question collecting observations drawing a conclusion confirming a prediction with experiments when needed?

Thinking a new way to do an hypothesis

What does form a conclusion mean?

In going into an investigation of some kind, including a scientific experiment, one has a hypothesis, an idea of what is going on. On this basis one devises a test which will go one way if the hypothesis is correct but another way if it is not.If the test or experiment definitely confirms the hypothesis or definitely disproves it, it is possible to form a conclusion--to reject or accept the hypothesis.This procedure is used in fields other than science:In history, the historian may form a hypothesis about an event in the past, test it with the available historical data and form a conclusion.In crime investigation, a detective may form a hypothesis about who the perpetrator is and test it against the evidence (or perform further tests to find more evidence) and form a conclusion whether the crime was in fact committed in that way.In cooking, a cook may devise a new way of preparing food, will test it out and form a conclusion whether it was a good idea or not.

The milky way experiment?

you can do an experiment about all of the planets of what they have in common.

Why are controls important in an experiment?

Controls are important in an experiment because they are the way that the experiment is kept fair

What is scientific method-?

The scientific method is a way to gain knowledge by formulating a question, collecting data about it through observation and experiment. Then a conclusion is reached that answers the question based on the results of the observations and experiments.

Should an advantage call be made prior to a player disposing of the ball?

definitely, that is the fairest way in whcih to play

Another way to say in conclusion?


Does the article conclusion equal the summary of it?

No. Often a conclusion points the way forward to further developmets.

What is the conclusion of why leaves change colors in the fall?

the conclusion is that the chlorophyll is the way that how leaves change colors

What does the scientific process involve?

Well, this is what I got, and it may help you: Draw a question(get a question) Research Hypothesis(educated guess) Experiment Results Conclusion It's what I learned and it's some way of memorizing this so I .

How do you write a conclusion for a science project?

The best way to write a conclusion for a science project is to first assess your project. The conclusion should state what you learned.

If your experiment does not turn out the way you expected should you record the results anyway?

No redo the experiment.

What is bias in a experiment?

some thing that pushes the experiment results one way or the other

What are the six parts of the scientific inquiry process?

Observe the natural world, make a hypothesis, experiment, record data, make a conclusion, and repeat. Be careful this differs in almost every text in some way, even if it is insignificant.

Why do scientists do experiments?

well here is something that helps me no THE RAP the sciteific method is the way to go it is way to show what you know first step is a PROMBLE the promble makes the whole experiment the 2nd the step is RESERCH you need to know more about the prombel the 3rd step is Hypothesis make an scitifca gusse. the 4th step is Experiment so you can see if you were write or wrong the 5th step is Conclusion u tell whethe you were wrong or wrie the 6th step is Communicate tel so one about what you leaerned. SORRY ABOUT THE SPELLINGAsk a QuestionDo Background ResearchConstruct a HypothesisTest Your Hypothesis by Doing an ExperimentAnalyze Your Data and Draw a ConclusionCommunicate Your Resultsafter an experiment, scientists analize their data and share their results.

Why is collecting data in an experiment important?

it's important because that way you can organize your experiment better.

Why does the balloon stop blowing when doing the experiment?

As you tell us nothing of this experiment, there is no way to answer your question.