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Perth, Australia

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Dennis's house.

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Q: What is the farthest country from Mexico?
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Is Mexico the farthest south in north America?

Panama is the country furthest south in North America

What is the North American southern most country?

Mexico is the farthest south north American country

What country extends farthest north farthest east?

The country that extends farthest north is Norway, and the country that extends farthest east is Russia. Russia holds the title for being the country with the largest east-west extent.

Where is the Yucatan Peninsula?

The Yucatán peninsula is in southeastern Mexico, the farthest any of the country extends to the east. Yucatan separates the Gulf Of Mexico to the north from the Caribbean Sea to the southeast.

What country in Africa is farthest east?

Somalia is the farthest country east.

Which country in the middle East is farthest south?

Yemen is the farthest-south country in the Middle East.

Which country is the farthest south in the globe?

The country farthest south in the globe is Antarctica.

What 2 citites are the farthest north in Mexico?

Mexicali and Tijuana are the northernmost cities in Mexico.

Which mid-atlantic state is farthest west?


Which of the 13 colonies was farthest south?


What country extend farthest north farthest west?

Norway and Iceland

What is the farthest part of a country?

The farthest part of a country usually refers to its borders or territories that are located the greatest distance from the country's center or capital.