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Q: What is the features of valid sources?
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What is the definition of valid sources?

Valid sources are materials used to back up a position, whether in speeches, writing or other kinds of debatable subjects. Good judgment is necessary when looking for a valid source as the Internet has made information overload an issue when researching.

What are the most valid sources of knowledge and their sources?

The most valid sources of knowledge are typically considered to be empirical evidence, expert consensus, and logical reasoning. Empirical evidence comes from observation and experimentation, expert consensus is generated by specialists in a particular field reaching agreement, and logical reasoning involves making conclusions based on sound arguments. These sources can be further validated by peer review and replication of research findings.

Is Thevinin's theorem valid with the presence of dependent sources?

While some feel that Thevenin's (commonly misspelled as Thevinin's) Theorem is made invalid by dependent sources, rather than independent sources, most hold his theories valid. This is largely due to the superposition theorem, proven by combining Thevenin's theorem with Norton's.

Are Valid arguments strong or weak?

A valid argument is certainly stronger than an invalid argument. but an argument can be valid and still be relatively weak. Validity and strength are not the same, although they are both good features for an argument to have.

Is it not important to find reputable and valid sources over the Internet for your research?

true or false

What are Mexico's features?

The country of Mexico has a great many different features. It has beautiful landscapes and bountiful sources of food for example.

Draft a rent agreement incorporating all the essential features of a valid agreement-?

Dear All , good day to you i hope to have an draft for the FUNDING AGREEMENT or how i can build it . thanks

Three features of a valid simple contract?

features of a valid simple are:- 1-legality 2-offer 3-acceptance

Which method will best help you determine whether or not a secondary source's conclusion is valid?

Answer this question… Comparing the conclusion with several other sources

What is a valid reason to update your Linux kernel?

if your kernel is out of date then you could be missing out on features that are available in the new kernel

Why is Wikipedia no considred resource?

When you are researching a paper for a class, references such as wikipedia are not considered valid sources; since they are edited by the general public. You must reference credited papers inorder to create a valid report.

How can historians determine whether a claim is valid?

evaluate the evidence used to support it