What is the female version of pisano?

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When did Guido Pisano die?

Guido Pisano died in 1149.

When did Giovanni Pisano die?

Giovanni Pisano died in 1315.

How tall is Bryan Pisano?

Bryan Pisano is 5' 8".

How tall is Christina Pisano?

Christina Pisano is 5' 4".

How tall is Octavio Pisano?

Octavio Pisano is 6' 0".

When did Rosita Pisano die?

Rosita Pisano died in 1975.

When did Nicola Pisano die?

Nicola Pisano died in 1284.

When was Andrea Pisano born?

Andrea Pisano was born in 1290.

What is the female version of bull?

The female version of a bull is a cow!! :)

What is the female version of lord?

The female version of lord is lady.

What does pisano mean?

Pisano is the Italian word for a person from the city of Pisa.

When was Joel A. Pisano born?

Joel A. Pisano was born in 1949.

When was Giuseppe Pisano born?

Giuseppe Pisano was born on 1988-04-26.

What is the area of Orciano Pisano?

The area of Orciano Pisano is 11.6 square kilometers.

When was Marco Pisano born?

Marco Pisano was born on 1981-08-13.

When was Bernardo Pisano born?

Bernardo Pisano was born on October 12, 1490.

When was Eros Pisano born?

Eros Pisano was born on March 31, 1987.

What did Bonanno Pisano built it for?

what did Bonanno Pisano bulid the leaning tower of pisa for

When was Christina Pisano born?

Christina Pisano was born in Montreal, in Quebec, Canada.

When was Isabel Pisano born?

Isabel Pisano was born in 1944, in Montevideo, Uruguay.

When was John Pisano born?

John Pisano was born on 1931-02-06.

When was Francesco Pisano born?

Francesco Pisano was born on 1986-04-29.

When was NicolΓ‘s Pisano born?

Nicolás Pisano was born on 1982-09-17.

When was Oscar Pisano born?

Oscar Pisano was born on 1956-09-03.

Is there a female version of Come as you are by Nirvana?

Yes there indeed is a female version of "Come as you are"