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What is the feminine word for mignon in french?


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the feminine for mignon is 'mignonne'.


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"Cute" is an English equivalent of "mignon."Specifically, the French word is the masculine form of an adjective. The pronunciation is "mee-nyoh." The feminine equivalent, "mignonne," is pronounced "mee-nyohn."

masculine: joli, mignon, beaufeminine: jolie, mignonne, belle

Cassette is a feminine word in French, almost every word that ends with -ette is a feminine word in French.

The feminine French word for brown is "brune".

The feminine French word for clever is "intelligente".

The french word "la" is a feminine word, in fact, it is the state of all the feminine words in french.

Yes it is feminine. The French word for sock is "la chaussette". "La" is the Feminine "The"

Mignon (for a boy) and mignonne (for a girl)Je pense que vous êtes mignon.

The french word for feminine is almost the same. It's "féminin".

The french word for a ladybird (Une coccinelle) is feminine.

bière is feminine in french

Mignon means 'cute' in French.

'curieuse' is the feminine variation of 'curieux' in French.

In French, the name for the country of Russia is "La Russie". The word is feminine.

"Une lettre." The word is feminine.

it's feminine - uneRuler in french is a feminine word

Spider is feminine in french. The word is "une araignée."

Rome is a feminine proper noun in French.

Une baguette is a feminine noun in French.

"une chaussette" (feminine) is a sock in French.

The french word for they is Ils (masculine) or elles (feminine).

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