What is the fic in dranage system?

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Explain in detail the drainage system of India for project purpose?

Dranage system of india

What does fic mean?

fic = "make" or "do"

What words with the suffix -fic?

terrific, scientific, specific

What are those stories called when you use characters from a real book and make up a new story about them?

Fan fic? Fan fic? Fan fic?

What are some root words for fic?

"Fiction" and "Fickle" are some root words for fic.

What are the words that start with fic?

Some words that start with 'fic' are: ficus, fiction, and fickle.

What are some words that end with the suffix fic?

words ending with -fic :horrificpacificprolificscientificspecificterrific

What words with the root fic?


What does the stat fic mean in basketball?

FIC stand for floor impact Counter which determines how effective a team is with and without a particular player

Does FIC stand for First National Computer?

No FIC does not stand for First National Computer but it can stand for many others things. Some terms that FIC might be an acronym for is First International Computer, Fogarty International Center, financial inventory control, fuel injector cleaner, and flight information center. What FIC represents in context will depend on the topic.

What does the root word fic mean?


Words with the suffix fic?

horrific terrific

What does the meaning of the prefix fic mean?


What does FIC mean as a stat in basketball?

FIC stands for "Floor Impact Counter". This stat determines how effective a team coul be with and without a certain player.

How did Isaac Newton change the world today?

He discovered the garbage dranage holes. Without that we could not breathe.

What has the author Andrzej Fic written?

Andrzej Fic has written: 'Drukarnia podziemna w Trojmiescie w latach wojny jaruzelsko-polskiej 1981-89'

How pronounce specific?


How do you divide the word traffic into syllables?


You read a fic about ash killing evil Pokemon like shooting a Gyarados in the eye and pikachu was black because ash was the master of shadow does anyone know the name of that fic?

The fic is called Pokemon Master and can be found here: Hope this helps! :D

What does the root word fac mean?

Make/do fic as well

How many syllables in traffic?

There are two syllables. Traf-fic.

What does the root word fact fect and fic mean?

Are far as I can find out fic and fect are not root words. For the meaning of fact, just go to dictionary dot com and you can easily find the answer.

What kind of motherboard do you have in the gateway gt4022?

4006105R - FIC KTBC51G Motherboard

How do you break up the word specific into syllables?


How would characterize a child called it?

I guess it would be realistic fic.