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The standard firing order for a 4 cyl engine is 1 3 4 2. However if i remember right i think fords set there engines up with the 1 2 4 3 configuration. Try either of these and im sure one will work for you. Hope this helps

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โˆ™ 2006-04-20 12:47:11
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Q: What is the firing order for a Ford Fiesta mk 2?
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Change Oil filter on Ford Fiesta zetec?

You need to be specific as to year or Mk of Fiesta and as to which engine is fitted as they're all different.

Firing order of golf 1.8 1995 mk 3?

Will mk 4 fiesta alloys fit on a mk 5 fiesta?

Yes no problems at all as the mk4 and 5 are basicly the same car.

Mk 6 fiesta positive or negative locking?

Negative i believe

How to Change brake lights on fiesta?

The Ford Fiesta gas gone through many styling changes in all its years of production and has been fitted with many differing styles of rear light fittings. You need to be specific as to the year or Mk number.

Ford Fiesta mk6 oil filter size?

Depends on which engine is fitted - the Mk 6 was produced with a choice of petrol and diesel engines - All have different oil filters.

If you have a Ford Fiesta which is registered in November 1999 how do you tell if it is a Mark 4 or a Mark 5 as there is nothing in the paperwork?

you can tell by the front headlights if they are a long flat lights its a mk 4 and if not the its a mk5

Where is the boot release switch in a Ford Fiesta?

It's a button next to the gear shift. It's on the dashboard near the steering wheel on later Fiestas - you need to be specific as to the year or Mk number.

Where are the isofix points in a Ford Fiesta?

if its a mk 6 fiesta there in the usual place, if you sit in the seat they are either side of your bum, slip your fingers between seat base and seat back and you'll feel them, only just out of sight, doesnt appear to be a top tether connection tho

How do you open the bonnet on mk 6 fiesta when the tongue lever has broke?

Put your nans titts underneath it

What are the main differences between the Ford RS Turbo and Ford XR2i?

The difference between a Ford RS Turbo and a Ford XR2i is that the Ford RS Turbo is a performance model based on the Mk 3 Ford Fiesta and the Ford XR2i is a sports model that was released in 1989. There are many ways a person can go about purchasing these vehicles such as a local used car retailer or through an online retailer.

Mk 2 jag 1964 3.8 liter firing order?

1,5,3,6,2,4; where cylinder 1 is next to rad. This is the same for all in line 6 cylinder engines.

Where is the fuse box on ford fiesta mk 5?

if you see the coin cubby storage thing to the right of the steering wheel, grab it at the bottom and pull out toward you, fuse box is behing there... just pops out and then clips back on

How do you change oil Ford Fiesta?

You need to be specific as to engine type (diesel or petrol, and then which size or type of diesel or petrol), and also quote year and/or Mk number. All have different sump plugs, oil filters and so on.

How do you fit a brake lamp on a fiesta?

Depends which model of Fiesta. There have been many styling changes over the years and many different types of light fittings. Please be specific as to year or Mk number.

What size speakers are in Ford Fiesta mk 5?

13cm in the front door, will need adaptor plates to fit, if not, drill into the door! also with adaptor kit, comes with wirin adaptor aswell! room for tweeters high up in the door aswell

Do all mk 5 fiesta 1.25 lx have power steering?

ALL MK5 fiestas came with power assisted steering (PAS) as standard

What year did Ford roll out the Cortina MK3?

The Ford Cortina MK 3 was initially placed in the automobile market in 1970. Production of the MK 3 ceased in 1976. Ford's Cortina line was designed for sale in the UK and neighboring European countries.

Ferrari held a winning streak at Le mans race till what year?

1966, when Ford won with the Ford GT Mk 2.

What oil does fiesta freedom Mk 5 2006 1.25 take?

hi a 10/40 or a 5/3o semi synthetic or fully synthetic would be the best

Who killed Mk Gandhi?

mahatma gandi was killed by Nathuram godse on railway station by firing bullet at his back on 28th January 1949.

How do you clean colt mk 4 series 80?

Depends on what is the most dirty. If you have used it near dust recently, be sure to remove the firing assembly and firing pin and clean those first, because they are generally the cause of jams.

What car fits 3 car seats?

McLaren F1 but you probably can't afford one of them so for best results i would saw 2 seats out of a Mk 4 Fiesta.

Where is the interior light fuse on a Mk 7 Ford Transit Van manufactured 2007?

Try looking in the fusebox

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