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First Communion is when young children or converts to Catholicism receive the body and blood of Christ under the forms of bread and wine for the first time.

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Why they do the first communion?

They do the first communion because it is their right and they want to show respect to god.

Can you receive communion a church service if you have not received First Communion?


Can c of e take communion at child's first communion?

A C of E Anglican cannot receive Communion at a Catholic child's First Communion, or at any other Catholic Mass.

What happens if you accidentally take Communion before First Communion?

Roman Catholic AnswerIf you accidentally receive Holy Communion before your First Holy Communion, then you better accidentally talk to a priest ASAP and accidentally receive First Confession.

IS taking communion before your First Communion bad?

Definitely. John 13:2: "if you take the Host before First Communion you'll burn in hell."

Is communion or confirmation first in the catholic religion?

Neither one is first; the first is Baptism. But usually communion comes before confirmation.

Why is first holy communion special?

The first Holy Communion is special because it is the first time you are physically receiving Jesus into your body.

Are there godparents for Holy Communion?

No, there are no Godparents nor sponsors for First Holy Communion.

Where do you do your first communion?

in a church

What happens at the First Communion?

what is the process for the child and parents at a first communion? If parents are divorced and have new partners how can this be dealt with?

What happens at the second communion?

Nothing special happens at a second communion. It is only the first Communion that is particularly celebrated, because it is the first. From then on, it is done in a normal way, with no special attention.

Do you have to be baptized to take communion?

Catholics do not 'take' communion, they 'receive' communion. Yes, you must be a baptized Catholic to receive communion in a Catholic Church. Also, you must have undergone instruction and received your First Holy Communion.

Communion in a sentence?

The girl walked up to the altar to receive her first Holy Communion.

What happens when you don't have a First Communion?

The First Communion marks not only a child's beginning understanding of the Sacrament, but also a passage into a 'communion' of celebration with other believers. If I'm not mistaken, if a child has not made a First Communion along with religious instruction, they are excluded from the celebration until they complete this instruction.

Where can I find some good gift ideas for first communion?

There are many great ideas for First Communion gifts available online including crosses, bibles and figurines. Two good places to look are and

Is their first communion with all religions?


Who can administer communion?

No No No, Who's on first.

What is after baptism?

First Holy Communion.

Why do you take a saints name at your First Communion?

You take a saints name for your Confirmation, not your First Communion. See the related question below.

What is first holy communion or confirmation?

First Holy Communion is when you first receive holy communion. It is normally celebrated in grade 4 or 3. Confirmation is the when you are given the holy spirit so that it fulfils you. This usually celebrated in grade 6.

What is The Sacrament where you will receive the body of Christ for the first time?

Eucharist ( Holy Communion). The first time for young children is just called "First Holy Communion".

What is the difference between Catholic Holy Communion and Pentecostal Communion with respect to a child's first holy communion?

Quite simply, the bread and wine received at a Pentecostal church would not be Holy Communion.

What is a sentence for communion?

A sentence for communion: Even on their first meeting, the new lovers found themselves in deep communion, gazing into one another's eyes.

Why is first holy communion important?

The First Communion (First Holy Communion) is a Roman Catholic ceremony. It is the colloquial name for a person's first reception of the sacrament of the Eucharist. Roman Catholics believe this event to be very important, as the Eucharist is one of the central focuses of the Roman Catholic Church. First Communion is not practiced in most Eastern Catholic Churches, which practice Infant Communion. First Communion is also celebrated by some Protestant denominations, particularly Lutherans. Celebration of this ceremony is typically less elaborate in Protestant churches that practice it. First Communion typically takes place at age seven or eight, depending on the country. Adults who have not received their First Communion can go through a separate program called the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults or RCIA to receive this sacrament.

Can a 14 year old receive his first holy communion in the catholic church?

A 14-year old can receive First Holy Communion in the Church only if he is baptised (He has reached over the age minimum to receive his First Holy Communion)

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