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what is the first ever event to be recorded in Ireland

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Q: What is the first recorded event to have taken place in Ireland?
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The first recorded theatre event is the myth or Osiris and Isis in 2500 BC in Egypt.

What is Ireland's main sporting event?

The biggest individual sporting event in Ireland is the All-Ireland Senior Football Championship Final. It is the biggest event for Gaelic Football, one of Ireland's two main national sports. The other is Hurling. It also has an Ireland Final, which is also a major sporting event. The All-Ireland Hurling Final usually takes place on the first Sunday in September and the All-Ireland Football Final usually takes place on the third Sunday in September.

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Triple jump is a track and field athletics event and takes place in those countries where that sport is popular. It is believed that the event was first competed in Ireland and Scotland.

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In 1169 AD the Norman Invasion of Ireland took place, which would be the first invasion from Britain.

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During 1939

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The areas where Irish is spoken as a first langauge in Ireland are called Gaeltachts

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no there is not a place in Ireland called Halifax

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